Mocking McClellan

The remaining Bushies and their press flacks are pulling out all the stops in their attempts to discredit Scott McClellan and his new book, which shines a bit of light into the backroom of the White House. For those on the Left, none of McClellan’s story is “news”, but it does validate what most believed all along about the lies, deception and propaganda oozing out over the last seven years, particularly in the lead up to the invasion of Iraq. The remaining Wingnuts have called McClellan a traitor,  and suggested he was a drunk, delusional, money-hungry, victim of leftist publishers and bloggers. It’s always possible that they’re know how thin all of this sounds, so they’ve added the “we always knew he was lame and incompetent” argument.

I’m not at all sure why my local paper persists in reprinting the pathetic scribblings of Jonah Goldberg (aka Doughy Pantload) from National Review Online; while their resident wingnut editor, David Reinhard, is incapable of producing anything but regurgitated Republican talking points, Goldberg is scarcely an improvement. Today’s paper reprints his column from yesterday’s NRO, in which he joins in the fun, splashing dirty water like a three-year-old and attempting to dismiss McClellan entirely. Not unexpectedly, coming from someone devoid of perception or talent himself, the effort is loaded with unintended irony and reeking of hypocrisy.

It’s been rumored that McClellan was hired by the Bush White House to appeal to a specific sub-constituency: pasty middle-aged men with a thumbless grasp of the English language.

That sentence alone cracked me up; if anyone has a handle on pasty middle-aged men, it would be Doughy Pantload. He then writes:

I have not read the book. I will once I finish eating the contents of my sock drawer (which ranks slightly higher on my to-do list).

and then proceeds to quote from the unread book and to dismiss as childish McClellan’s accusation that the Bush/Cheney crowd relied on propaganda to convince Americans to support their invasion of Iraq. “Everyone does it!” “Bill Clinton did it!” (Come to think of it, Goldberg sounds a lot like the dopey trolls infesting liberal blogs.)

The wingnuts are running out of time, and running out of shiny objects to distract Americans in the runup to November. They’re reduced to eating their own and piling on the irony: criticizing McClellan (and the others bound to follow) for taking the money and biting the hand that fed them. It won’t be long before Tom Toles cartoon comes to pass.

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