Stupid Knows No Boundaries, Does it Rush?

One of South America’s few remaining uncontacted indigenous tribes has been spotted and photographed on the border between Brazil and Peru.Gleison Miranda, Funai.

BBC News has more on this story.

Naturally, this genius had to inform his dittoheads what to think on this issue.

On the May 30 edition of his nationally syndicated radio show, Rush Limbaugh referred to “[o]ne of … South America’s few remaining uncontacted indigenous tribes” — recently photographed by the Brazilian government from an airplane — as “these savages.” Recounting the story, Limbaugh said, “[T]hey’ve spotted an isolated tribe in Brazil. An airplane flew over this hut, this thatch roof hut or something, and these savages are body painted in red and they’re trying to shoot the airplane down with bows and arrows.”

Limbaugh further stated, “Wait a minute. Why do we have to help protect the land of this tribe? Aren’t they the essence of purity, according to the environmentalist communists? … Why do we need to protect their land? They’re doing a better job of it than any of us ever could protect our land. … I mean, I’m sure these people — not only don’t they have to get rid of their incandescent light bulbs and go to these compact fluorescents, they don’t have light bulbs. They don’t have electricity. They don’t have running water. This is the ideal. These people need to be contacted. We need to learn from this civilization, because this is where we’re all headed if the extreme environmentalist communists get their way.”

Listen to the clip. limbaugh-20080530-brazil.mp3

Via Media Matters

30 thoughts on “Stupid Knows No Boundaries, Does it Rush?

  1. Wow, what an ass. I can’t even begin to rant about what an idiot that guy is. Environmentalist communists? Sorry that we enjoy nature and don’t want the world destroyed.

  2. Good Morning Shayne, Thank’s for putting up the music yesterday and this article….We can’t fix stupid or evil it seem’s…I keep trying but so far no luck…Have a great day…..Blessings

  3. Why doesn’t Rush fly down there and parachute in with his note book? This is his chance to be served to his fellow man.

  4. Yah, but those native folk’s have lot’s of wild yam’s, mushroom’s and good stuff that hasen’t been chemicly altered yet so they don’t get clogged arterie’s like we do..Soon as Dow, Monsanto, Exxon and the bush bunch find out these guy’s will have our problem’s..This is probably the last best place in the world…Blessings

  5. Oooh, Witch…sorry, that brought breakfast back up in my mouth.


    I wouldn’t want to eat Rush if I crashed on Mt. Everest. Although, the blubber burn would be fab. 😉

  6. Yah! kind of made me ill typing it….LOL..Wonder if it would be like a huge pile of tire’s burning with lot’s of black smoke….Bet so…Blessings all, weed’s to pull. Later maybe.

  7. I guess I am still doing my “liberal ducator” job correctly than as I put my regular curriculum on the back burner for half a period to show these images and discuss their coolness when they first became available.

  8. Walt, Cheney’s would be the biggest coup. He is the single most stone cold evil individuals I think I’ve encountered. He’s the Green River killer, Bundy, Gacy and Zodiac in one but on a mass scale.

    Hope you get it!

  9. I wanted to have my kids write a quick piece from the tribes perspective as to what feelings/thoughts they may have had upon experiencing this flyover.

  10. db,
    Read the Reuters’ blurb. They pretty much opt for the defensive. To them, it is their equivalent of “Independence Day”.

  11. I am sure. The images pretty much indicate that. Can you just imagine?

    trueblue: I need some advise about something. Gotta sec?

  12. db,
    I pretty much believed that when the images first popped. There is the one person with the bow aimed at the intruder and the guy with the spear wondering if his arm was strong enough. There are about 4 wide-eyed kids looking up as well. There was also an infant in the back-most shelter who was almost completely covered with a woven mat.

  13. No, only seen them…

    Seriously though, I’ve read of native cultures and the use they find for just about every plant and animal, and the ritualized spiritual use of plant and animal psycho-actives and toxins.

  14. I am very saddened for these few people left of a vanishing culture.
    There is nothing that will stop their eventual demise, as the “civilized” world’s rapacious appetite for raw materials devours their world.

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