Bye Bye Hillary – Opinion

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There is no love lost here. Throughout my blogging on the primary campaign I was obviously anti-Hillary. Not specifically pro-Obama at first, but he increasingly gained my interest and then my admiration. At the start of the campaign I would have strongly favoured Al Gore, in a way I still think he would be the perfect man for these times, but he chose not to run. Seeing the kind of flak Obama got from the Clinton camp, I don’t blame Al Gore at all.  I guess he knew what was coming.

I used to be very impressed by Hillary Clinton and thought at one time that she was actually superior to her husband.  I was sure she could have been a President and wasn’t, only because she was a woman. I have amired her speech at the memorial service after 9/11 a wonderfully emphatic speech. I admired her for being so hard working and focused on the issues at hand and the problems to be solved. I admired her for being able to curb her ambitions in the interest of getting things done. My sympathy was entirely hers to lose.

And she lost it first about Iraq. Hillary Clinton’s ambition got the better of her and badly screwed up her judgement. Her “stay the course” mentality that reminded me so much of George W. Bush’s inane stubbornness in the face of a botched war added to my resentment. Her refusal to admit to a mistake, her apparent disregard of the suffering this war brought and her apparent lack of empathy for the victims, topped it off.

Then she lost it in the campaign. Her arrogance during the first part of the primaries, not campaigning in states she didn’t think were important in the final tally. What about their “every single vote”? Her attempt at changing the rules in mid game. Her lies about Bosnia and sniper fire. Was it her being so stupid or did she think everyone else was? Her secrecy about her schedules as a First Lady and her tax returns, which again reminded me of the current White House.

Her very poorly and much less than profesionally led campaign, left me flabbergasted. This is what I would never have expected from a Clinton who puportedly had an overwhelming political machinery at her fingertips. Was that the effective, hard working Senator I used to admire? She didn’t even have her finances under control, nor Bill, nor much of anything else.

And, when it became clear she had lost it, she really dug deeper. Her ill disguised attempt to stir up racism. “Hard working white Americans” as opposed to what? Lazy coloured people??? And finally the “assassination” insinuation. Did she believe I would believe that was misspoken. Politicians of her ilk almost never misspeak. They don’t utter a single sentence on the campaign trail that isn’t vetted and practised in a closed environment before. There are more examples of primaries that have been contested into the month of June than just Bill Clinton’s and Bobby Kennedy’s. This very successfully created a discussion about Barack Obama’s safety and was deliberate to instill doubts in voters if their candidate would even live to see the general election.

These primaries upended most of the impressions I started out with. The strong candidate, the inevitable candidate, had clay feet after all. And the young inexperienced candidate grew more and more presidential with every challenge he faced and finally matured into a  formidable opponent to John McCain. The seemingly neverending story of the Democratic Primary 2008 has a happy ending after all.

I am sure you can find more reasons, why Hillary Clinton has lost the respect and the admiration of, not only foreign bystanders like me, but many Americans, feel free to add those in the comments section.


62 thoughts on “Bye Bye Hillary – Opinion

  1. From her continued and repeat actions, I have come to the conclusion she represents all the values I loathe in a person. Why the hell would I vote for that? Why should anyone? Because she is a woman? Because she has made some good remarks and done some good deeds mixed in with the bad/objectionable? No. What is said on the campaign trail is intended to garner the most votes. If she has to compromise any good in her to garner those votes (smears, veiled threats, lies, hypocrisy), then I don’t want that kind of person running my country. Actions speak louder than words (and words/promises on a campaign mean less than nothing anyway), and hers have spoken. Give it up, Hillary. Let’s move forward.

  2. i have to agree with bluedahlia. it became apparent midway through the primaries there wasn’t any difference in the campaigns of clinton and mcbush. either candidate would say anything, to anyone at any given time in order to garner votes.

    politicians tend to forget america and the rest of the world have spent the last seven years listening to evil men literally get away with murder based solely on lies and deceit.

    americans really do want to salvage what small bit of dignity we have left.

  3. I agree, europeanview. My first choices for the nomination having been wiped out in the first round of debates, I was lukewarm about both Obama and Clinton. As the campaigns went on, however, and we watched while Hillary employed the slimy tactics normally associated with the Republican party, I started paying more attention to Obama. The contrast between the two became more and more clear, and it came down to this: Hope, or Fear? New, or Old? Change, or stagnation? Truth, or Spin? The choice was obvious.

    Although I was only 12 at the time, I had the rare opportunity to see Bobby Kennedy speak in my little home town during the 1968 presidential campaign. As I have read more of what he had to say and what he stood for, his assassination has become ever more tragic, for what “might have been.” I believe that Obama’s message of hope and opportunity to make this country a true world leader again instead of the world’s bully will help to carry on the Kennedy dream.

  4. Well stated post.
    I, too, agree with bluedahlia.
    I am dismayed with the reality that Clinton’s campaign was disingenuous, disrespectful and resorted to the lowest tactics of political campaigning, driven by ambition rather than the good the the nation.
    She has lost my respect; something I will always regret because that was not always the case.
    It’s time for her and her husband to gracefully exit, but it may take a political “intervention” by people in high places for that to happen.

  5. More and more I find I’m losing respect for the Clintons as a political clan. It’s not just Hillary’s nasty campaign style, but Bill’s rather poor record on international human rights during his tenure in office – promoting and signing NAFTA, propping up Suharto in Indonesia, helping install Musharraf in Pakistan, helping prolong the Rwanda/Burundi/DR Congo coltan war, the Asian financial crisis of 1997. Sure, you can’t pin the blame squarely on Clinton for causing these events, but as head of the national and international organizations that could have helped alleviate them, he did little.

  6. There was a letter in the morning paper from a disgruntled Clinton supporter, explaining why he and his wife would vote for McCain. To my mind, all this proves is that there is little to choose between McCain and Clinton, and that her primary appeal has been to the conservative wing of the Democratic party. It validates the choice of Obama for the nomination, because he is clearly very different from either McCain or Clinton.

  7. Most of us had spent years defending the Clintons against the right wing’s “Clinton did it too” mantra. So it came as a shock to me that I quickly became so offended by the Clinton campaign. At the very beginning when every crowd was so tightly controlled and questions to here were all written by the campaign it was Bushco all over.
    Though many of us had other first picks, once they were eliminated it would have been natural for us to move towards Hillary if we could. But that person that alienated us at the beginning of the primaries made it hard to believe the good old girl persona she more recently adopted.
    To those Clinton supporters who shout that it will be Obama supporter’s fault if McCain wins we say NO it won’t. It will be the fault of those who put their bruised egos ahead of what needs to happen and that is to prevent Bush’s third term at all costs.

  8. Well said, EV. I could have written the same post, thought for thought.


    Any professed Hillary supporter who will vote for McCain falls into one of three categories:

    – completely stupid, considering that Obama and Clinton have nearly identical stated policy views

    – a Republican plant pretending to be a Democrat

    – a racist bigot, whether self-recognized or not

    Considering the most polling already shows Obama with a lead over McCain, I’m not too worried about these nattering nabobs of negativism.

  9. “It will be the fault of those who put their bruised egos ahead of what needs to happen and that is to prevent Bush’s third term at all costs.”

    Exactly. Why are Hillary’s supporters so childish, contrary, and stubborn? Oh, wait, that describes Bush!

  10. I agree with you Shayne and other’s….For voter’s to hold a grudge to the point of voting for 4 more miserable year’s of bull shit bush type’s is what many have done in the past, voting against their own best interest and the survival of our country and the world….I hope it doesn’t happen again…Blessings

  11. Shayne: “But that person that alienated us at the beginning of the primaries made it hard to believe the good old girl persona she more recently adopted.”

    And she had yet one more chance yesterday. Had she been as gracious to Obama in her speech as he was to her in his, had she accepted defeat and shown a hint of humility, I could have put aside my distaste at her campaign tactics and endorsed her as the VP. After all, there is much to admire in her tenacity and her undeniable shattering of the glass ceiling.

    Yet, given this last, best opportunity to take the high road, she again chose ego over country. Even beyond the speech, she chose to have her cronies continue with the nonsense disinformation talking point about “popular vote”, which ultimately does nothing for her but casts a bogus shadow over Obama.

    I am now convinced it would be a mistake for Obama to choose her as VP, as the Clinton negative baggage outweighs the positive. I also believe she cannot deliver the “hardworking white” bigot vote as she claims. After all, if the inbreds of West Virginia would not vote for a black man last month, they certainly won’t do so in November, regardless of whether she is on the ticket. They voted for her because they had no other choice. In November, they have an old white guy and will vote for him.

    I’m thinking Bill Richardson is a good choice, as he can help deliver the crucial hispanic vote, and he does have a great resume to add to the ticket. Maybe Obama can offer Clinton some kind of meaningful post as a reconciliation gesture, like Queen of Health Care (although the repubs would have a field day with that).

  12. Hey skinny, how ya doing.? Good post and I agree about Richardson….Blessings

  13. It occurred to me last night that Hillary is manuvering to get Obama to ask her to be VP — so that she can then refuse the position.

    Or Obama will make a deal with her to offer her the VP spot, but that she will refuse it — and encourage her followers to support Obama, and keep the party together.

  14. I agree Gorn especially with the Richardson vp. Hillary appears to be a megalomaniac and suffering from delusions. Last night was her last chance to do right, she knew Obama was at that big hall in MN and she chose to deny him that endorsement. I think he owes her nothing.
    Ed Rendel is talking about how she wants her candidates to vote for her at the convention in an “uncontested” fashion. What does that mean? To soothe her ego we weaken the support of the nominee? Unbelievable.

  15. What annoys me the most about the rabid Clinton supporters is the automatic argument that Clinton lost because of sexism.

    I think that its a sign of how far we’ve actually come in that we don’t automatically vote for someone because of their sex, skin color, religion, etc. Instead, we look at the candidate themselves and evaluate them based upon their attributes.

    One would think that ‘true’ feminists would applaud that. I think that its a step backward for the feminist movement if the only reason why people were supporting Hillary was because she is a woman, rather than for her politics.

  16. Hi Zooey, how’s life? Home any time soon?

    I think both of your options mean Hill’s being tactically supporting the party and not her own ambitions. Likely?

  17. ojibray, welcome to the Zoo.

    I agree, the “sexism” argument is completely out of line. I’ve been a feminist since I first heard of the word many moons ago, and I’d love to have a woman president — but my brain didn’t stop functioning the moment Hillary threw her hat in the ring. I have certain expectations in a presidential candidate, especially after Bush, and Hillary never came close to meeting them.

    Hillary brings out the whiny victimhood in many people.

  18. Not casting any spell’s big guy, you just looked so trim on your avatar this morning…My bifocal’s must be slipping….LOL…Good to see you all here this morning…..

    I hope Obama doe’s not pick Hillery for any position…We are at a turning point where we need new blood in all our Gov…Edward’s would be a good one for Health and human service’s but don’t know how much some of these spot’s pay…Some may choose to remain in private practice instead of working for the Gov…Wish we could get palosi and reid out of the picture as well.

    I still wish some one would tap Kucinich for a good life long spot like judge or something, that’s just me…I believe we need more like him….

    Blessings all, have a great day.

  19. Hi, EV. 🙂

    There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s not an oncoming train — as far as I can tell. Hopefully we’ll be heading west within the next week.

    No, it’s not likely Hillary would put the party and country above her own ambitions, but I’m a bit of a dreamer….

  20. ojibray: “I think that its a sign of how far we’ve actually come in that we don’t automatically vote for someone because of their sex, skin color, religion, etc. Instead, we look at the candidate themselves and evaluate them based upon their attributes.

    That’s true. I’d have voted for Hillary if only she had more luscious attributes.

    [Queue rimshot…]

  21. Got food Gorn.?..Will send a truck load again if you need it….LOL..Blessings

  22. This site is an interesting data point. It seems to me that it is dominated by female critters and posters, and probably most or all of the male participants would consider themselves at least benignly feminists. Yet, so far as I can tell, there is not a single Hillary supporter here. My mother and two daughters have been Obama supporters from the get go. Mrs. Gorn did vote for Clinton months ago because she liked the concept of a female prez, but has since “seen the light”.

    So from these examples at least, where sexism comes into play for Hillary, it’s actually in her favor (women voting for her ‘just because’). I’ve yet to run across someone who would not vote for her because of her gender.

  23. Well, will send a truck load of salad’s then…What kind of diet.? Hope it’s working….I’m looking at several diet’s myself. keep me posted if it work’s may try it…..Blessings

  24. Gorn, I’m certain that such people exist (not voting for HRC because of gender) but I suspect those are largely people who wouldn’t vote for her under any circumstances, which is to say: Republicans.

    I agree with her supporters on one point, though, and that is to acknowledge the sexism rampant in press coverage — especially the pundits, and especially the dirtbags at FoxNews, but including Tweety. And, of course, the complete reluctance of people like McCain to call his supporters on their sexism, which will certainly now translate to a reluctance to call his supporters on their racism, their lies about Obama’s religion, etc.

  25. Oh, just trying to tone down the fast food and donuts, and a bit more exercise. I actually am on the thin side by nature, but noticing some unwelcome girth lately in the middle-aged midsection.

    It’s hard to maintain discipline, though, when Zooey keeps posting yummy pictures. 8)

  26. Gummitch: Gorn, I’m certain that such people exist (not voting for HRC because of gender) but I suspect those are largely people who wouldn’t vote for her under any circumstances, which is to say: Republicans.

    True, however I think in the Democratic primaries, the racists far outnumber the sexists, so for Hillary to claim a disadvantage on that score is ludicrous. She could legitimately play that card if she were running in the general election against the pasty white guys, but alas for her, it will happen only in her fantasies.

    “I agree with her supporters on one point, though, and that is to acknowledge the sexism rampant in press coverage — especially the pundits, and especially the dirtbags at FoxNews, but including Tweety.”

    Well, maybe. I never watch Fox or Tweety, because life is too short to expose myself to that garbage. In the more conventional press coverage, sexism hasn’t been overt enough to light up on my radar, but maybe I’m not as sensitive to it as some.

  27. Ojibray, I agree with you, too. Pulling out the lame “sexism” card again is ridiculous and untrue. I think that her handlers figured that they hadn’t played that card much so they could still trot it out. And for Republicans, all that counts is that she is a Clinton. She should not be given the VP nod because there are too many people out there who would vote against having her a heartbeat from the Presidency.

    You’re right in that more of us look at the candidates’ stand on issues and vision of the future rather than “is the candidate the same color/gender as I am?” According to the political demographics, as a 50+ white woman, I should be a rabid Clinton supporter, as should most of the females here at the Zoo. Obviously, we’re not!

  28. Good post Jane, I agree….The Clinton year’s were good for me but early on I was for Kucinich..I was and am still upset with the treatment he and other’s got from the media and big business…There is so much we need to fix in this country sometime’s it’s hard to zero in on the really big issue’s….The war, econemy, starvation, health care, wild life and enviroment are the biggies but little can be done by one single voter….I keep hoping, maybe now we will see some change’s….Blessings

  29. Thanks for the blessings, witch1. I think that America has to grow up and learn a whole lot more to appreciate Kucinich’s integrity and dedication to our Constitution and our country.

  30. I think most of us here are lifelong feminists. And because we’re true believers we know we don’t have to settle for just any woman just like we didn’t have to settle for just any man. It takes people who think that Hillary is the ONLY woman who could be nominated to think they had to put up with all her deceptions.
    And as a lifelong white woman, snort, I can tell you that the sexism was nothing compared to the overt racism, much of it initiated by the Clintons themselves. I have been angered almost daily . Right now some pundit is saying that calling Hillary by her first name is sexist. Sure. It doesn’t have anything to do that when you say Clinton you don’t necessarily know if it’s her or Bill. Sure she’s called shrill because she is the same way McCain is cranky.

  31. Sure, I guess we ought to completely obliberate her identity and begin calling her Mrs Clinton.

    Angry and bitter feminists are as much fun as projectile vomiting.

  32. This made me think of something.. Every year that I was married, when my mother-in-law was still alive, she sent me a birthday card each year for my birthday. It always said the same thing: To: Mrs. ******* ***** (my husband’s name). Inside the card it always said “Thanks for taking such wonderful care of my son.”

    Sheesh… 😉

  33. I used to bang my head on the table.. But now I can laugh about it. She meant well and was really a lovely lady. Just old way of thinking..

  34. Charlie Rangle, who is a Clinton supporter, said in an interview this morning that they were going to be talking to her this morning and find out just what’s she’s thinking. He sounded dumbfounded as everyone else.

  35. “Thanks for taking such wonderful care of my son.”

    Jeebus! And this was on a birthday card? For YOUR birthday? Wow.

    As a CSR in a footcare products company, we deal with a lot of elderly woman, and so many of them are still in that “Mrs. [John Smith]” mindset. Sometimes it’s like pulling teeth to get them to reveal their given first names! (Which we have to have if they’re paying for their orders with a credit card.) It’s frightening to me that these women equated their identity, and sometimes their self-worth, with who they married.

  36. In a pool of who should be the GOP VP, Jeb Bush comes in on top of the list. I think McCain should go with that idea. 🙂

  37. My Psych 311 TA was obviously very proud of being married. She signed all her emails “Mrs Brittany Smith.” (not her real name)

    I asked her if she realized that signing her name like that traditionally meant that she was a widow. She changed it to “Mrs John Smith.” *sigh*

  38. “In a pool of who should be the GOP VP, Jeb Bush comes in on top of the list. I think McCain should go with that idea.”

    How could you not love a VP named Jeb? He could bring along Granny and Ellie Mae. Why not? We’ve had Jethro Bodine in the Oval Office for almost eight years now.

  39. Yah! Been there done that…The last time someone refered to me as so and so’s wife I introduced that husband to old friend’s as “this is my third husband Dan”….LOL.Sorry I had to add that…I actuely did that and had already called my attorney to draw up the paper’s…You all can imagine the look I got from said husband, he didn’t know yet…I was a mousy little wife through 2 and a half marriage’s that spanned over 33 year’s….When I woke up I became the mouse that roared…..Blessings Ladie’s and all.

  40. Great Lady, I’ll get married again when I find a guy with one foot in the grave, and the other foot on a banana peel.


  41. Uh oh… I better stop referring to “Mrs. Gorn” or I might get skinned. Actually, Gorn is her last name, and being the staunch feminist that I am, I adopted it for myself. So really, she’s Gorn and I’m Mister Gorn.

    Yeah…. that’s the ticket.

  42. If I ever find banana peel dude, I’m not changing my name — it’s my sons’ name. I wonder how well that would go over since it’s also my ex’s last name. 😆

  43. The Jebberly Hillbillies Song

    Come and listen to my story ’bout a man named Jeb
    The brother of the man who created Abu Ghraib

    There at Crawford Ranch there was a somber mood
    But up from the ground come more bubblin’ crude

    Oil that is.
    Black gold. Cheney’s Tea.

    Well the first thing ya know ol’ Jeb’s a billionaire
    The kinfolk said, “Jeb move away from there”

    In Washingtonie is the place you oughtta be
    So they loaded up the jet and flew to Pennsylvan-eye-eee

    Avenue, that is. Lobbyists. Prostitutes.

    Okay, okay, I’m not Wayne. Give me a break.

  44. Good one’s Lady Z and Gorn…I’m a peoplest.(own word)…Equal’s all the way or no way…Love men, just don’t want one to keep any more…No more marriage’s for me..Since I became single I like it way to much to change…Blessings

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