Here we sit like birds in the wilderness,

(everybody sing along)

birds in the wilderness, birds in the wilderness, here we sit like birds in the wilderness, waiting to be fed…

Every year a pair of Western Kingbirds nest in the windsock at our helibase. Somehow they manage to raise a brood in spite of the spinning, squeaking and flapping of the windsock. Not to mention the nosy human who climbs up a step ladder perched in the front yard to take their portrait..


5 thoughts on “Here we sit like birds in the wilderness,

  1. Can I pat my own back?
    I haven’t seen this bird in about 10 years but nailed it on the first photo. It is amazing how oppertunistic nature can be.

  2. Simply amazing. Great camera shot.

    Oh my, I didn’t even read the other comments before expressing my impression. It must be amazing if 4 out of 5 comments use the same term to describe this picture and the tenacity of these birds.

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