Should the POTUS be computer literate?

John McCain has said that he’s computer illiterate. He knows what the internet is, which I suppose is a start, but do we really want someone shaping American policy who has no knowledge of the things that shape American society?

Whether it is internet predators, gun control, international conflict or any of the many issues facing our society and our way of life, the internet is a source of knowledge far superior to that of traditional news outlets (especially since major corporations now own almost all of the major outlets and are agenda driven). How can we elect someone who, not only lived in the age of no television is older than Superman and zip codes, but simply cannot understand American life as it is today?

So, John McCain hates bloggers. (Newsflash: most of us, on all sides of the political spectrum, don’t especially like you either, Senator.) I assume that he hates bloggers because he cannot control the message. The internet isn’t Fox. It isn’t owned. Of course, you have to consider the message, no matter where that message comes from, and to do that takes the ability to think critically. I’ve addressed the lack of that particular skill here, so I won’t rehash it now.

No matter where the message comes from, one has to be able to think about what is being said and determine the validity of that message. It’s been shown over and over again that the corporate owned media fails us at every stage. That leaves those who seek valid news, more information about the issues that matter, or just the desire to attempt to discern the truth amongst all the untruth, to come to the internet. This is one of the reasons that Net Neutrality is so critically important to the future of America.

Did he really say The Cables?

I again ask: Should the President of the United States of America be computer literate? You tell me.

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9 thoughts on “Should the POTUS be computer literate?

  1. Absolutely, yes.

    These are the times we live in, and the president should be living in them.

    I really think Bush & McCain think they’re being cute when they say they don’t know anything about computers. It really just makes them look pretty dumb and out of touch.

  2. Let’s go back a few years and what would happen if we had a presidential candidate who said the same thing about television… or a few years earlier and said the same about newspapers.

    We have discovered what the consequences are for the United States when we have an imbecile for a President who prefers to have his knowledge fed to him. I shudder to think going through 4-8 more years.

  3. In the United States, television broadcasts date back to 1927 when GE started broadcasts from an experimental station (WRGB) in Schenectady, NY.
    Since McCain was born in 1936, TV is actually older than he.

  4. Here’s a little story.

    The natural food distributor I worked at mid 1980’s had a CEO who was a real go getter. He came from Alaska, where he’d been transportation manager for a major grocery/distribution outfit.
    Our Board Chair was his mentor, and he did a bang up job getting the company up and running in Jan 85.
    But we quickly outgrew our computer system, an older COBOL system running on an antiquated Wang VS65 operating system.
    We began a project to replace the system in 88.
    Because he had zero and I mean 000.00 knowledge of computers, he relied on his upper and middle level managers to sort out the requirements, and get input for the ‘new system’.
    We turned down several packaged systems which would have done fine, but each area manager wanted to use this as an empire building platform.

    The company decided to do the rebuild internally, a huge mistake, as we had neither the personnel nor expertise to do this.
    Once again, his utter lack of any knowledge led him to believe his empire builders, rather than make an informed decision.

    Two years later, One and a half of the promised nine modules were completed, we’d spent over a million dollars, and the Board sold the company to our biggest competitor.

    Lack of our leader’s computer knowledge did us in.

  5. My favorite line on this so far is, “John McCain is aware of the internet.” Kinda reminds me of those old, “Andre the Giant has no posse,” stickers that used to get stuck everywhere. There’s something so cryptic and absurd about it.

    I feel confident that someone could make a tidy sum by printing that quote on a bumper sticker and selling them for $2 each. In fact, perhaps that’s what I’ll do with the rest of my day.

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