sasquatch unseen…

However, we did observe this curious unicorn peering at us from the pines…

Much of the wildfire burns underbrush and lower story deadwood, most mature trees survive.

Trees like this oak, weakened by time and drought, often break apart in the tumult of wildfires.

An electric power transmission line on one division of the fire began arcing across from one line to the next, the carbon in the smoke thick enough to become a conductor.


14 thoughts on “sasquatch unseen…

  1. I have a non cryptobiology related question for west coaster.

    Anyone available? It is fish related

  2. Cute!
    What do you know about white seas bass? I know it is a member of the croaker clan, but what is it’s deal. Does it fill the same sort of niche that Striper does in the east? The season seem to overlap. We have been getting lots of it lately and fleshwise it seems pretty equivilent to striper. Is there a reason it is suddenly showing up more on the eastern market?

  3. I guessing only that with the depletion of traditional market fish stocks, it has become a target species.
    Other than that, I’m not familiar with its life-cycle and the regulations governing harvest.

  4. True but usually the species that gain marketshare due to depletion of preferred stocks tend to be trash fish. These things seem not to fit that description. I haven’t had any yet but we are talking about 10- 30 # gutted wt fish. The meat looks almost identical to our stripped bass. We had about 200 # of whole fish and about 100# of fillet come in last night. Thankfully it does scale easier than striper

  5. Raven:
    I am currently working to build an integrated GIS curriculum. When you are in the field doing what you do, I sense it is about putting it out but I assume there is some time and space imaging stuff happening as well. Can you comment upon that and how current technologies are employed?

  6. I’m uncertain about the process as of yet, dbadass, and the maps can vary according to the individual “cartographer”. I am becoming adept at reading the maps, which may have enough info, and sometimes to much info, cluttering up the page.
    Often entered data is from maps far out of date, and roads on the map are faint trackways.
    Part of my success with navigation appears to be the result of adding intuition and imagination, as well as common sense, to what I have from GPS and GIS.
    I expect to gather more knowledge of the GIS process by osmosis, can you direct me anywhere that I could get some direct info?

  7. Sorry so late to check back on this. I am not exactly a beginner but I am by no means an ace as to GIS applications. We should talk…

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