Bud’s sticky situation..

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John Cole, Scranton, PA Times-Tribune

2 thoughts on “Bud’s sticky situation..

  1. Just using this post as a hook to say hello. I decided to join after I saw you had a 911truth link on the site. Is that why you left ThinkProgressive? I don’t know their stance on the events of 9/11, but most mainstream left blogs and websites maintain the view that anyone with an alternate view is crazy, period. And many won’t allow the discussion on the site.

    I don’t have an ax to grind that way, but it’s nice to know the elephant in the living room isn’t being ignored with all one’s might.

  2. Welcome jcmarra! We are pretty open minded here and welcome all kinds of discussion. You can find our philosophy and why we gathered here on the “about” page. Have fun at The Zoo!!!

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