Obama Doesn’t Sweat. He should.

(Here is a plea from investigative journalist Greg Palast)

by Greg Palast

In swing-state Colorado, the Republican Secretary of State conducted the biggest purge of voters in history, dumping a fifth of all registrations. Guess their color.

In swing-state Florida, the state is refusing to accept about 85,000 new registrations from voter drives – overwhelming Black voters.

In swing state New Mexico, HALF of the Democrats of Mora, a dirt poor and overwhelmingly Hispanic county, found their registrations disappeared this year, courtesy of a Republican voting contractor.

In swing states Ohio and Nevada, new federal law is knocking out tens of thousands of voters who lost their homes to foreclosure.

My investigations partner spoke directly to Barack Obama about it. (When your partner is Robert F. Kennedy Jr., candidates take your phone call.) The cool, cool Senator Obama told Kennedy he was “concerned” about the integrity of the vote in the Southwest in particular.

He’s concerned. I’m sweating.

It’s time SOMEBODY raised the alarm about these missing voters; not to save Obama’s candidacy – journalists should stay the heck away from partisan endorsements – but raise the alarm to save our sick democracy.

And that somebody is YOU. Joining with US, the Palast investigative team. Here’s how:

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5 thoughts on “Obama Doesn’t Sweat. He should.

  1. I wish I could spend money on a worthy cause.
    Unfortunately, the only worthy cause I can contribute to is the “Keeping My Ass From Being Homeless” fund.
    It just got $500.00 a month less because my daughter dared to turn 18 and finish high school with a disability that kept her out of school for 25-30 % of the time. I just love the hoops we have to go through with our government to do the right thing…….

    Sorry to go off track. I did want to contribute.
    Anything to help. I hope anyone with any extra income can help, although that in itself is another sad testament to the direction of this country.

  2. I just finished reading Greg’s website and then I came here and found that you already posted this. Great!
    Can it happen again? Good thing Barack Obama is continuing with his voter registration drive.

  3. Catz, the Obama machine is starting up in our state, and we’ll be gathering signatures, doing it properly, then double checking with the SecState office to make sure they were properly processed.
    Hope the same is going on in CO, OH, FL, and the other swing states.
    If Obama puts our money to good use doing verified registrations, this will mitigate the Rovian crap being done now…

  4. They have been setting up the storyline of how McCain wins despite the horrible condition of the country, for a long time now. Why else do you think Clinton went the whole way despite not being able to win since late Feb.?

    I am glad Muse put this up. Between the private companies that are creating the voter rolls, and Diebold (like BnF mentions) we don’t really stand much of a chance.

    And for her loyalty to “the cause”, Pelosi will retain her House seat in face of huge opposition. These people are sympathisers to a third party themselves: the 1% Party.

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