8 thoughts on “Can you hear me now?

  1. Said it before but I’ll say it again – anyone who can make national security, the deficit, the economy and peak oil all part of the election debate can do this country an immense service.

    What was it I heard today about the deficit, it’s caused by two things:
    1. The stimulus package given to Joe and Babs Sixpack this year
    2. People are driving less, so there’s less fuel tax
    3. Growth is slower…. because there’s less driving & people are desperately paying their mortgages to keep their houses….

    It’s all your fault people, why don’t you cash that f***in stimulus check, pour it into your SUV and get the f*** to Disneyworld, like any normal, patriotic, God-fearing Amurkan! That’s what Chimpy said you should do in time of war…. come on make a sacrifice or two, will ya!

    Jesus H Wept.

  2. Chimpster was counting on those entire stimulus checks going back to big oil. I’m thrilled nobody is driving. AND I’d rather pay higher taxes then give all my money to big oil, but that’s just me. I’d rather pay higher taxes then leave all that debt and a crumbling infrastructure to our children.

  3. That’s it True, those prats on the news are pushing whatever story they can without confronting the real issues….

    …take the ‘Surge’. Seems absolutely clear to me that the Iraqis decided enough was enough. The arrival of 35,000 more soldiers (and the 1000 who subsequently died) was only part of the story. Paying off the old Baathists was part of it too. The debate shouldn’t be “Did the Surge work?” but should be about just how much more effort is required to keep the lid on the country while Afghanistan/Pakistan heads for the shitter.

    But for McCain all he wants to talk about is “My Surge worked!”. Dude, after 4 hours of your surge, the packet says you need to call your doctor immediately!

  4. According to Obama, there’s a need for another stimulus package and a permanent $1,000 tax cut for individuals and families. He said all of those actions combined could “get the economy back on the right track.” “Those, like myself, in the top 5% will see a tax increase.”

    “It’s going to be businesses around the country that are taking some of this research and development, implementing and creating millions of green jobs that can fuel this economy for years to come,” said Obama.

    At least Obama has the makings for a pretty decent stimulus plan. All he needs to do is throw in some money to fix most of the bridges and highways. Which in turn would create many new jobs across the country also. Less people collecting unemployment, which will help the states that are running out of money to pay benefits.

    It’s just a shame we can’t start working on his plan now, instead of waiting til January.

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