Turd Blossom Special

Karl Rove, backed by the Cousin Brothers and the boys, sings about the joys of going back home…for a while.

BREAKING: House Panel Votes To Hold Rove In Contempt Of Congress

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7 thoughts on “Turd Blossom Special

  1. That is great news muse. It’s about damn time. At this rate, if there is an actual trial in his future, we won’t see it til next year.

  2. I am listening to Olbermann, and he just said that Nancy Pelosi is saying that nothing will happen about this until September. No vote till September. Pelosi is an accomplice to criminal behavior by our government officials. Of course, that applies to Bush and Cheney as well..
    Basically, nothing is going to happen to ANYONE EVER!

    That goes for Monica Goodling and the rest of the turkeys out of Justice as well as Rove..

  3. Good Evening everyone 🙂

    muse, the only way that makes any kind of sense is if they are worried that Bush will pardon him if he is indicted. I’m not giving Pelosi the benefit of the doubt. She needs to lose her re-election. I’m hoping some of the grass roots organizations go after her with a vengenance.

    I’m not happy with how they handled Monica either. The least they could do is make sure she gets disbarred, so she will never be able to practice law again.

  4. Good evening Ms Joanne 🙂

    I know what you mean. Which begs the question why wait til September? I agree, there is probably a pardon on Bush’s desk with Rove’s name on it.

  5. Hiya, FR!

    They keep pushing the meme that any action will give the Goopers a bump in sympathy support. I disagree, but there isnt a damn thing I can do.

    It disgusts me.

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