12 thoughts on “Do Not Try This At Home

  1. I just finished reading the Walmart article. That is terrible. And yes, they are telling their employees how to vote… by telling the managers that Democrats will make it easier to join Unions, they are pushing their employees to vote for a Democrat because working conditions at Walmart suck and of course, the workers WANT better working conditions.

  2. Oh, trueblue! I am so excited about the solar energy article. When I graduate and I start working full time, we want to build our home completely green. This sounds wonderful. Hopefully it will be a reality by then!

  3. Well someone has to do it. The way he skins is my favorite part along with the fact that he almost never looks down at the fish. I am curious what they are. I assume some member of the Scombridae but having never hung out in the Maldives I am unsure

  4. True, but I don’t have to witness it. 😛

    I’m off to get my son some actual shoes and a bit of a haircut — then to the small town. I’ll check in on my mom’s laptop whenever I can.

    Much love…

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