Faiz Shakir and Seymour Hersh

Faiz Shakir (ThinkProgress) interviews investigative journalist Seymour Hersh at the Campus Progress journalism conference.

Faiz asks Hersh about a meeting in the White House, in the Vice President’s office, where Dick Cheney suggested setting up an ‘incident’ in order to start a war with Iran.

The suggestion was not accepted (that we know), but it goes to show you how far these people are willing to go in order to start another war.

Especially this war..

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Everything you need to know about who deserves your trust and your vote…

“I think we’re doing fine [in Afghanistan.] The second phase is Iraq. There is some indication … that some of this anthrax may have come from Iraq. If that may be the case, that’s when some tough decisions may have to be made.” – Senator John McCain, October 18, 2001.

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(Thanks to Keith Olbermann for showing the video clip with this quote.)