Everything you need to know about who deserves your trust and your vote…

“I think we’re doing fine [in Afghanistan.] The second phase is Iraq. There is some indication … that some of this anthrax may have come from Iraq. If that may be the case, that’s when some tough decisions may have to be made.” – Senator John McCain, October 18, 2001.

Submitted without further comment.

(Thanks to Keith Olbermann for showing the video clip with this quote.)

4 thoughts on “Everything you need to know about who deserves your trust and your vote…

  1. “There is some indication … that some of this anthrax may have come from Iraq.”

    And therein lies the lie. There were never any indications at all. There absolutely was, without question, a desire to find any excuse in the world to attack Iraq. So, someone must have floated the idea that, “Hey, didn’t we sell Iraq a bunch of this shit? Is it possible it came from there?” And suddenly a talking point was born. It had all the validity of asking if Amish people had done it.

    And as long as the mystery remained unsolved, it was always “possible”, in their minds, that Saddam was behind it. Even though there was no evidence that he was behind the attacks (because he wasn’t); and they would not admit they knew enough to positively rule him out. They were going to leave the case unsolved, and keep mentioning Iraq and anthrax, so that some of the stupider people out there would put this on their list of reasons to support Bush’s personal ambition to kill Saddam. Because they never ruled him out. They never ruled bin Laden out, either, but why change the subject?

  2. Precisely, Wayne. Most significantly, this quote proves not only that McCain is indistinguishable from the Bush neocon cabal, but he was a major and early leader in the rush toward the greatest strategic blunder in US military and foreign policy history.

    Me, I’ll take the skinny guy any day over Weasel McMole.

  3. Keith is the best. He talked about this the other night. It was a very good show. Also, Glen Greenwald’s article about this is fantastic with his links to ABC.

    It’s tragic that we will never have a full disclosure of the events. With Bruce Ivins death, the FBI is closing the case. I’m not sure his death was a suicide, it just seems too damn convenient for me. The government always looks for a scapegoat or the weakest link in the chain.

    I agree with you Wayne, everyone jumped on the bandwagon to invade Iraq. This gave them another reason to make people fearful and crack up the anxiety level of the country. That is when some of the hate crimes started happening in different parts of the country against muslims.

    Great post gorn 🙂

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