Paranoia in B Flat

Not that it is Friday but if tunes are happening. I’m there. I just saw these fellows a few nights back and they were excellent.


Hope you enjoy this. I have two gnawing at the bit for a little crabbing and a lot of skeeball….

7 thoughts on “Paranoia in B Flat

  1. I did and I also thought I did things right to indicate that. I must be a complete Zoo idiot. Well every community needs an idiot I suppose… Cats, you should check these guys live stuff out. They are lots of fun

  2. DB,
    I get sound. Check the volumn control on your Mom’s Apple. Probably a slider somewhere on the machine. Could also be a speaker icon somewhere on the desktop.

  3. DB – you did good, as the Dutchies would say. I checked out their website and they won’t be in my neighborhood anytime soon. The next live music that I will be enjoying will be at the Delaware Valley Bluegrass Festival in Woodstown NJ, just up the road aways from the Cowtown Rodeo. We set up a campsite and then drive to a motel for sleeping and bathing 😆

  4. Cats:
    Say once. I suppose I should draw out the once and make it more of a voonce…but I don’t know how to do that either so I guess I should just say… Saaay!
    The Avett Brothers are cool. I am glad my blind date made me take her to see them. They are talented guys and perfect for festivals. I miss being “dutchified”

  5. db, earlier this week I had to remove the flash player and reload it because I wasn’t getting any sound on You Tube. If you go to Help at YouTube they give you links to do it easily.

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