GOP to nominate Paris Hilton

The other day, I wrote a much panned post about Paris Hilton’s rebuttal to John McCain‘s juvenile campaign ad. Well, kiddies, guess what? The Republican’s have decided that her energy policy is the one they want to implement (probably, since it has more substance than anything McCain has yet to offer up).

MsJoanne, you jest, right? Nope. CNN reports:

The lines between celebrity and politician blurred into a haze Thursday at a Republican news conference, as one congressman began pushing Paris Hilton’s “plan” on energy.

“Let’s bring up the Paris Hilton plan,” goaded Rep. Michael Burgess, R-Texas.

You would think that came from The Onion or from the brilliant mind of Andy Borowitz.

Are we so desperate that Paris Hilton’s plan becomes one for consideration? Steve Benen added his thoughts about Ms. Hilton’s “plan:”

For that matter, Hilton’s fake ad talked about using expanded coastal drilling to “carry us until the new technologies kick in,” which doesn’t make any sense, since even the Bush administration and McCain’s policy aides concede that we’re about a decade away from new coastal drilling having any kind of effect on the marketplace. And even then, we’re talking about pennies on the gallon. There’s nothing to actually “carry us” at all.

And yet, we actually have an elected member of Congress announcing, “Let’s bring up the Paris Hilton plan.”

This is what the GOP offers its constitutes? Apparently so. This and stunts, such as pretending they are keeping the House in session after it officially broke for their summer recess (while John Boehner phoned it in from the golf course), which even George W. Bush rebuked these pathetic political stunts.

One wonders why the next five weeks are so important? Could it be because American’s are hurting so bad due to the many, many failed policies of the Bush years, that the GOP knows that we are desperate for any relief, which makes it a very good time to bamboozle Americans to give up land that our government owns, for virtually nothing? I mean, what about those 68 million acres Big Oil already has leases on yet are not drilling on? Are we playing some Horton Hears a Who version of “Monopoly” with America being the playing board and federal land being Boardwalk and Park Place to be picked up by whomever has the most money?

I’d say that’s a fair assessment. After all, the GOP had almost eight years to do something – anything, and yet they did nothing.

No, I’m wrong. The GOP did do something; they blocked almost every energy effort which was offered up. This from the Speaker of the House News Room:

Speakers Scorecard on GOP Energy Votes

Speaker's Scorecard on GOP Energy Votes

Apparently, there wasn’t enough in it for their first and foremost constitute: Big Oil.

So, let’s hear it for the GOP for nominating Paris Hilton as their candidate for president. Or is she running as an Indy? “Paris Hilton has more substance than John McCain.” That’s a slogan I can believe in! I can’t wait for those debates, bitches! I wonder if it will be Paris Hilton taking down John McCain, or if it will be John McCain taking down John McCain.

At this point, either one works for me.

My life…

I love lurking at Overheard Lines — it meets my Diet Pepsi shooting out of the nose needs.

This one made me think someone had overheard one of my recent conversations, but Zoo Jr would never be mistaken for a girl.  😉

Daughter: “I’m going over to the library across the street so I can send you a message on facebook.”
Mom: “Why don’t you just send me a facebook message from the computer that you’re sitting at right now?”
Daughter: “I can’t send you a message from here. I’m sitting in the room right next to you!”
Mom: “So why don’t you just TALK to me?”
Daughter: “Because I want to message you! I’m going to the library.”


Check it out!

Intensify the nationalism, quick!

If it wasn’t enough to thoroughly trash our country, now they expect us to fix it…by working til we die!

Is retiring early unpatriotic?

If boomers all turn in their keys at age 55, 62 or 65 and head for the Tuscan hills, that great sucking sound you’ll hear is untold amounts of taxpayer dollars being leached from the economy. That is money heirs will have to replace or do without.

It’s an act Yarrow calls “profoundly selfish and unpatriotic.”

You can’t make this shit up! Who would have thought it, its us who are being selfish. They suggest in the article working until you are 75- for your country. 

I also would like to call out a shout to just plain lying to the people. From this statement, emphasis mine.

The debt currently stands at $9.3 trillion and is largely driven by rising Medicare and Social Security costs.

Huh? And I thought is was the war and all the supplemental spending for the war. I guess I am just ignorant.

Here is another gem from this article.

Today, the average life expectancy is 78, and if you make it through your 50s, you’re likely to live into your 80s or beyond.

Cool, I might have 5 years to relax before I die! Won’t be able to do much on my walker, but hey, what does that matter?

So pleas Critters and others, please let me know I am not the only one that thinks this is WAY over the top and ridiculous! There is even more crap if you can stomach the article in it’s entirety.

CNN Continues Fascination with News Creation

As reported here last week, the Most Trusted Name in News has a knack for also being the Most Created News in News. Today’s headline shouts

“Obama squeaks by McCain in polls”

and goes on to report:

“The race between Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama is extremely tight, according to the latest CNN “Poll of Polls.” Just five points separate the two candidates”

But is the headline accurate? And is it news?

Although a 5 point lead may not be as comfortable as Democrats and thinking people would like, calling it “squaking by” and “extremely tight” seems oddly sensationalistic. From the perspective of the person 5 points behind, it can look like a daunting obstacle. Indeed, if Obama were behind by 5 points rather than ahead, one gets the feeling the headline would read “Obama lags far behind McCain”.

And anyway, is this news? Here are the last four results of CNN’s ongoing “poll of polls”:

8/4 – Obama + 5

8/1 – Obama + 4

7/30 – Obama +5

7/28 – Obama +5

In other words, the real trend seems to be “no change”, so why the breathless headline about Obama just squeaking by?

By the way, CNN’s own most recent poll of 914 registered voters has Obama up by 7 points. Doh!