CNN Continues Fascination with News Creation

As reported here last week, the Most Trusted Name in News has a knack for also being the Most Created News in News. Today’s headline shouts

“Obama squeaks by McCain in polls”

and goes on to report:

“The race between Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama is extremely tight, according to the latest CNN “Poll of Polls.” Just five points separate the two candidates”

But is the headline accurate? And is it news?

Although a 5 point lead may not be as comfortable as Democrats and thinking people would like, calling it “squaking by” and “extremely tight” seems oddly sensationalistic. From the perspective of the person 5 points behind, it can look like a daunting obstacle. Indeed, if Obama were behind by 5 points rather than ahead, one gets the feeling the headline would read “Obama lags far behind McCain”.

And anyway, is this news? Here are the last four results of CNN’s ongoing “poll of polls”:

8/4 – Obama + 5

8/1 – Obama + 4

7/30 – Obama +5

7/28 – Obama +5

In other words, the real trend seems to be “no change”, so why the breathless headline about Obama just squeaking by?

By the way, CNN’s own most recent poll of 914 registered voters has Obama up by 7 points. Doh!

6 thoughts on “CNN Continues Fascination with News Creation

  1. CNN has joined the Fox News catagory of trash news. The only person on CNN with any credibility is Jack Cafferty.

    And MSNBC should can David Gregory and give that spot to Rachel Maddow.

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