Fortunate Son

For whatever reason, I wasn’t a huge fan of Credence back in the 60s. Over time, I learned to appreciate what the Fogerty brothers were about. At any rate, this has always been my mostest favorite CCR song. It’s true, it’s compact, and it’s timeless.



Damn, that was a long time ago

One of the good things about living in California in the 60s was that virtually every band, no matter how big they hit it nationally, had to pay the rent, which meant they had to play some seriously pathetic gigs. My senior year of high school, the Grass Roots played for one of our dances, and if that’s not pathetic, I don’t know what is. They look mighty clean cut in this video, but when they showed up in Modesto they were obviously operating on an entirely different frequency — which happened to be the same frequency my friends and I visited on a regular basis. If you weren’t a freak in the 60s, you probably don’t get it, but for the rest of us there were moments of syncronicity that no longer seem to exist. Or maybe I’m just old.

So try to imagine a gymnasium, with most of the lights down low, and a drummer wearing shades in the pitch dark, and a moment or two where the entire future was wide open . . .


This is my music pick for this Friday. You all probably think I’m a dork but that’s okay because that won’t stop me from enjoying old tyme music.

There is a story regarding this Bluegrass band, Cherryholmes. This is a family; mom, dad, brothers and sisters. Several years ago, one of the children of the Cherryholmes family died which sent the family into a deep depression (understandable). After a period of mourning, they decided to go to a Bluegrass Festival which was something that they never did. They liked it, they enjoyed it and it helped with the healing so they decided to learn how to play instruments and clog and then formed their own band and went on tour. The rest is history. I’ve seen this band three years ago when they first started out and then again last year. It was amazing how much they improved. The Youtube videos do not do justice to this band. If you get the opportunity to see them live, do it. There is so much positive energy that comes from Cherryholmes when they preform.

This is a video of clogging and fiddling. Some people may call it Celtic dancing.

The woman that jumps the highest while dancing is mom 🙂

Breaking News – John Edwards Admits to Affair

Rumors of this affair were posted here previously when the National Enquirer reported on this. Link to original post.

Contrary to the Enquirer’s report though Edwards states he is not the father of the child that the woman involved, Rielle Hunter, gave birth to. Our thoughts are with his family during this sad time. And we should all remember that he is not currently running for any office.

Now the MSM is pouncing on the issue wondering if Barack Obama is going to be asked if he has ever had an extramarital affair. However, the idea of whether they’ll ask John McCain the same question has not come up.

Link to full story at MSNBC