Miniblue’s Mini Movie

Introduce a Little Anarchy – Joker Tribute

The Marvelous Miss MiniBlue sez:

I’ve started making videos on YouTube, and would like to see what you Zoosters think.
If there’s anyone who knows about film or editing, and can help me or give me advice, that’d be awesome.
Thank you.
Trueblue must be so proud of her baby.  🙂

I was thinking “Titanic”


A new U.S. News and World Report poll asked respondents, “President Bush is about to get the Oliver Stone treatment in the new movie W. Of recent movies, which title best sums up your view of the Bush administration?” The results: 35 percent chose “Get Smart,” 25 percent — “X Files: I Want to Believe,” 19 percent — “Hellboy II: The Golden Army,” 14 percent — “Batman: The Dark Knight,” and 7 percent — “Enchanted.”

What are your thoughts, Zoosters?  😀

Photographer to the Tsar: Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii

Now a trip down memory lane, a  post from The Zoo’s past:

I kept the original comments open because they clear up some of the confusion that was evident when I first posted.

I read about this guy somewhere and was immediately intrigued. I think that it was from an article in the NY Times,

If you want to know more, try these two sites:

These are color renditions from Tsarist Russia and some are more beautiful then anything else that I ever viewed from the era. There is even leakage into WWI.

The photo is entitled: The Emir of BukharaThe Emir of Bukhara