The terror that would be President McCain

Are you frightened yet?

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8 thoughts on “The terror that would be President McCain

  1. Scary, scary stuff.

    The Maya say the world will end in 2012 (if you believe in the enormous accuracy of their calendar). If that is to be, I don’t doubt that it would be lunatics like McCain nuking the shit out of everyone he doesn’t like. Like…

    – Iran
    – Russia
    – Afghanistan
    – Syria
    – Pakistan

    McCain is not only a loose canon, he’s a war monger who believes that military might is the answer to every question.

    I don’t just fear for America if this nutcase is elected, I fear for the survival of human existence.

  2. They are doing their best to affect “the second coming.” It doesn’t matter that it’s all a bunch of bullshit, they BELIEVE!!


  3. Thanks for the video.

    Others say that 2012 marks the end of an evolutionary cycle, not the end of the world per se.

    One end is but another beginning.

  4. I am hoping to leave a better world for my grandchildren and not the destruction that McCain craves. He truly does suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. John McCain keeps fighting the Vietnam war over and over in his head. He can’t let it go.

  5. Bravo, my friends.
    I’m saving this particular video, and when my right leaning friends get gung ho on McCain, I am sending them this!

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