186 thoughts on “Saturday night pizza party

  1. I was watching Graham Norton last night. He is a British talk show host and his show is so funny, I was laying in bed last night with tears streaming down my face…that funny.

    He had this guy on who had had his penis tattoo’d. 50 hours of tattoo work. They didn’t show it, he went behind a screen and a woman from the audience was left to describe it…she did a poor job…but Marilyn Manson was a guest and he had to check it out…and it scared him!!

    So, of course, I had to Google it and check this out!

    BE FOREWARNED! Not for the squeamish!

  2. It depends on what is on it. The card I just pulled has some pics of me at an anti war rally in DC and some, let’s say personal pics. πŸ˜€ This card will probably go a while.

    It’s only international that they are doing it now, but I need to get in the habit to make sure that I take care on every trip.

    What pisses me off is the potential for industrial espionage. Which I think is really wrong. They can not just look at your computer, but copy the files and confiscate the whole computer for as long as they choose.

    If they were to take this one, it’s $400 and will have nothing on it.

  3. If they ever implement those taser wristlets for flying, I will have to get a new job. I won’t put some taser bracelet on and leave it to some flight attendant to determine who they want to zap. Fuck that.

  4. The thing that I don’t understand about the copying of files on laptops, etc., is that big business doesn’t seem to be screaming bloody murder. At least I haven’t heard of it.

  5. If things ever get bad enough that we’ll be required to wear such bracelets, I doubt most of us will be allowed to fly anyway.

    Shit is really going downhill fast these days.

  6. I haven’t either (heard any outcry), but I think companies are making people upload files and keep their computers empty.

    And I think it will affect foreign businesses more. All things considered, would you, if you owned a biz overseas, want to come to the US knowing this?

    IF they know it.

  7. So big business puts it on the employees to keep their secrets safe? That makes no sense whatsoever. Why would they be silent about this? Making too much money elsewhere?

  8. I was talking to one of my best friends who told me she didn’t know who she is voting for. To say I was taken aback is a bit of an understatement.

    She and I are going to have a convo.

    But that says what an effective job the anti-media is doing.

    We’re hoping to have SCAAMD up and running in a few weeks.

  9. Wow! Look at that gorgeous bear! Hello, handsome! Long time no see!

    It was dark blonde, light brown, medium brown, reddish brown…and now it is dark brown.

    Who knows what next week will bring.

  10. ***blush***

    Evening, MsJoanne…

    “Xcuse me… a pizza covered w/ blubber bits seems to be calling my name…

  11. So I won’t be moving to Ohio after all

    See? Every cloud has a silver lining.

    Eh. Probably a bad idea to inject humor (however lame). Broken hearts are never funny.

  12. Hi MJ, bye MJ.

    Oh the bear’s all handsome, blah, blah, blah and that wolf chases lemmings blah, blah, blah.


  13. Z…do you have access to my email from the sign-up thingie? I would like to hear from you when the email is back up.

  14. I’m afraid anything I’d suggest would come across as flippant, ELS.

    I’d suggest some alcohol… and any good wolf jokes you know…

  15. Yep, Jack. I can see your email address from behind the scenes. I’ll be in touch.

    It’s been so hot here, I think the tubes and wires melted. πŸ™‚

  16. gummitch,

    It’s the local email server thingee. I think things are all backed up for some reason. The account comes up, but nothing is moving.

    Ew, that sounds really gross.

  17. Oh, geez… nice going, gummmitch.

    She’s going to be bouncing off the walls for HOURS now. Years of therapy down the drain w/ one cheap shot.

    “I am TOO a wolf… I am. I am. I am.”

  18. I don’t know esl, Ohio can be pretty “southern”. They get a lot of people from Tennessee and Kentucky who move up there for work. Might have been a “lateral” move without the good weather.

  19. I used to call upstate NY “The Outback”, or,

    “Deliverance Country”…

    ***faint sound of banjos in the distance…***

    Not much difference between western NY and Ohio.

  20. Well, gummitch…

    Some folks lives are so pitiful…

    ***hint… hint…***

    That illusions are all they have left…

  21. Hah…

    Don’t you wish…

    You heard the goat above… it’s all Salmon and Seal around here these days…

  22. ***sniff… sniff***

    But… but… my mama used ta let me have…

    “Eskimo Pies”…

    ***Rim shot…*** Badda-bing!

    Thank youuuu… thank youuuuuu… verrrrry much!

    Yer a wunnerful audience…

    Cept for that dog w/ the weight problem beating up that poor little rodent in the corner…

  23. Ms. Joanne,

    “BE FOREWARNED! Not for the squeamish!”

    Some things are just wrong.

    But it did remind me of “Up Periscope!”

  24. There was something in the local papers a few months back about a local fellow who had tattooed virtually every square inch of his body. A tattooed penis is nothing when you’ve seen a tattooed “taint.”

    The guy is on disability because of a fucked-up kidney, as i recall, which might, just might be the result of covering his entire epidermis in ink. How anyone can live on disability and continue to pay people to stick ink in your flesh is a mystery.

  25. Talking about messing with yer epidermis…

    Buddy Ebsen was originally supposed to be the Tin Woodsman in “The Wizard of Oz” but the make-up htey used had aluminum dust in it and it almost killed him. He got so sick he had to drop out and Ray Bolger took his place.

  26. “Licking your wound”? Ha, is that what they’re calling it these days?

    Two fellows were watching a dog lick his balls. One fellow says, “Gawd, I wish I could do that.”

    Other fellow says, “I bet he’d let you if you gave him a biscuit.”

  27. Oh, I t’ink you’s been plenty insulted plenty o’ times, wolfie…


    Actually, they learned their lesson on Ebsen and did Bolger’s make-up differently.

    That why that old bit in “Goldfinger” worked the way it did – painting the woman w/ gold paint.

    You basically suffocate.

    Your skin is one of your organs, so to speak… and the cells in your mouth, throat, etc, are all specialized skin cells…

  28. Oooooooooo…

    It looks like the goat and the wolf are gonna git into it now… tee hee…

    Time ta sit back w/ a cold one ‘n a bowl of blubber bits ‘n jes watch…

  29. Supposedly one needs to leave some bare skin, so’s it can still breathe, so to speak, when painting ones’ self completely.

    I wouldn’t doubt the Blue Man Group indeed has to be careful.

  30. Where’d everyone go?

    I bet the wolf is off chasing her own tail…

    “I’m gonna get you… I’m gonna get you…”

  31. As riveting as this conversation is, I have found other things to focus on momentarily. But the two of youse are always the mostest important things on my “mind.”

  32. Passing thru again, too early a flight out.

    Iolair, I realize I am a bit odd at times, but I think that tattoo’d p.p. is one if the coolest tats I have ever seen. The colors are stunningly lush (probably helps that I love lizards and dragons – having a tattoo of each myself) and I have to give the guy props for having the, uhm, balls to do it.

    If the guy wasn’t pushing 70, I’d have loved to check it out personally. It’s just damned cool!!

    Night, all. TRoS, great seeing your pixels (I so love your avitar, it always makes me smile. Such a cute little bear face!)

  33. A cute… CUTE?!?… little… bear???

    Humpf… I’m the largest land predator on the planet and can weigh 1500 pounds… and unlike a certain olf-way, I don’t eat lemmings…

  34. Exit Stage Left, I’m very sorry to hear the bad news. I have missed you on the Think Fast Threads. I wish you the best during these very hard times.

    I have been there myself, no fun at all. I kept my friends very close that seemed to help alot. Also, sorry to hear you won’t be coming to Ohio. It would have improved the state 10 fold.

  35. I wonder if that joint that cooks steaks and lobster out on the street and has a zillion different tequilas is still in Cabo. I don’t really like Cabo but that place was cool…

  36. I’m the largest land predator, blah, blah, blah … look at me, look at meeeeeeeeee ….

    Even at the zoo polar bears are the biggest hotdogs, yeesh.

    Crap, my lemming stew is burning.

  37. I agree Shayne, I’m not normally a worry wart, but he doesn’t normally go this long without posting.

    I was hoping that was all it was.

  38. Shayne, I have never heard of lemming stew. What is in it???

    I hope you are having a great Sunday. I just got done trying a new recipe. It is Sour Cream Apple Pie. It smells really good but I have to refrig. for about 1 hour before eating.

  39. freedomrebel, therepublicofstupidity insists that wolves eat lemmings whil polar bear are the top land predator. Polar bears are full of it. πŸ˜†

  40. Thanks Zooey. I usually stay on the East Coast. Mostly I go to the Outerbanks every year. I’m such a creature of habit.

  41. Zooey if you ever get a chance try it out, it won’t disappoint you, if you like beaches. Not as commercialized like Mrytle Beach, cleaner than Virginia Beach, and not as packed as Ft. Lauderdale.

    I stay at the same place every year and eat at the same great restaurants. Some of the best seafood I have ever had in my life. If you love peaches and fresh fruit, there is a quaint little farmers market right before you cross the very long bridge to get to the island. I love that market, every year I buy their homemade preserves and take them home with me.

    I love it so much that I’m looking to buy a second home there in the future.

    Sorry, Zooey I’m a little biased, can you tell. I made a big breakthrough with my son there also. He has a fear of large bodies of water. Last year he sat with us on a low beach chair and let the waves wash over him and had fun all day. That was one of the hardest things he has ever had to overcome. It was pretty incredible.

    BTW thank you for always being such a sweet person.

  42. Cape Hatteras is the farthest I have been down there, db. We explored that area for about one day. Do you remember before you take the ferry over to Ocracoke there is a five star restaurant with a bunch of yachts around it?

    I stayed I think it was a best western there, right next door to that restaurant. The Breakwater (I think that is what the restaurant is called) has one of the best chefs. The food was awesome.

    That was about ten years ago for me. At the time they had absolutely nothing to do there, to boring for me. After that we just stay at Kills Devil Hills all the time now.

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