I can’t remember..

McCain Doesn’t Remember How Many Houses He Owns

This reminds me of a greeting card I almost bought once…

There was a photo of two elderly men sitting on a park bench. One of the men was crying. The other asked what was wrong. The crying man started talking about how he was married to this sexy, gorgeous, hard-bodied young woman. The other man asked “well, then why are you crying?”. The crying man said “Because I can’t remember where I live..”..

Sorry.. It just came to me.. 😉

All cartoons are posted with the artists’ express permission to TPZoo.
Jack Ohman
, Portland Oregonian

Hillary’s brother meets with McCain Campaign

Will she have the last laugh?

From Jake Tapper:

What the heck is this about?

The Scranton, Pennsylvania, Times-Tribune reports that on Monday, the top economic advisor for Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., Carly Fiorina, met with Tony Rodham — the younger brother of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-NY — and some others, including Rodham’s wife, at the Dunmore, Penn., home of a political consultant close to the Clinton family, Jamie Brazil.

Brazil is now national director of Citizens for McCain.

This news comes just a few days after former President Bill Clinton praised Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., for his position on global warming.

Boy, I can’t imagine why anyone would think the Clinton family is trying to defeat Obama so Hillary can run in 2012!

Clinton’s office did not respond to a request for comment.

I second the “..huh?..”. Something’s up. I feel it..
More from the Telegraph (UK).

Why would Obama be giving the Clintons two nights to take the stage during the convention, and have agreed to have Hillary’s name to be put up to a roll call vote for nomination?

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Tying up those pesky loose ends..

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The clock appears to be running out..

The White House seems to be attempting to tie up all those pesky loose ends before they leave office come January, you know, those pesky loose ends that could land a person in prison for the rest of their lives (or worse) – if anyone actually were to SERIOUSLY investigate with the intention of actually discovering and reporting the truth..

Tying up loose ends, like the FBI suddenly finding the “lone” Anthrax attacker from 2001. Too bad he committed suicide before he could answer the charges.. How convenient. Case closed.
(Although, it still does not explain why President Bush and Dick Cheney and their staffs started taking heavy doses of CIPRO (drug of choice for Anthrax) weeks BEFORE the Anthrax attacks took place..).

Then there are all those vanished emails (225 days worth..). Looks like they may well be gone for good.. Looks like they covered their tracks well there.. Do those emails have to do with voter caging and stolen elections? The firing of US Attorneys, the political prosecution and imprisonment of Don Siegelman, and the illegal politicization of the DOJ? The outing Valerie Plame Wilson? The Administration lying us into war? How about torture and rendition, and their strategies to get away with it? The forged letter linking Saddam to 9/11, and the famous Niger uranium forgeries that helped to propel us into the Iraq War in the first place?

Wow, there is simply too much to choose from.. Back to tying up those loose ends..

Domestic surveillance? Try IMMUNITY from prosecution.. Looks like they’ve got that covered.. ALL cases closed.

And so now, miracle of miracles, nearly seven years later, they have finally ‘discovered’ the reason WTC 7 fell. You remember, that pesky skyscraper that was NOT hit by a plane in the 9/11 attacks (and yet still managed to collapse completely in a symmetrical, seven-second collapse). This new theory  has now been reported saying the building collapsed due to a “new phenomenon” known as thermal expansion..
I wonder what the phenomenon would be called that allowed the BBC news broadcast to announce the collapse of this building (also referred to as the Salomon Brothers Building) twenty minutes before it actually collapsed.. (with the building still standing and visible behind the newscaster’s shoulder). Perhaps “space/time disruption”..? Reporting back from the future? Parallel universes colliding?

And how do they reconcile the discovery of this “new phenomenon” against the statement by Larry Silverstein, owner of WTC7, who in a taped interview said he and the NY Fire Dept. had made the decision that afternoon to ‘pull it’ (referring to WTC7)? Controlled demolitions take time to plan and set up – more than a day, or certainly an afternoon..

We will likely never know the truth with any degree of certainty what really happened, or who was responsible. They’ve taken care of that. It was never independently investigated. The steel was quickly gathered up and shipped overseas to be melted down before it could be examined for a cause. That was a deliberate decision. This isn’t about “conspiracy theory”, this is about common sense and Americans trusting their own eyes and minds, and asking logical questions about an illogical event. This is about Americans using their heads, wanting answers to real questions and not getting them. Even Dan Rather commented on this building appearing to come down by controlled demolition. This 47 story steel and concrete building came straight down and was reduced to dust and debris in 7 seconds.. I’m sorry, I trust my own eyes. I have serious questions, and, I still want answers.

There is so much more to this part of the story that is 9/11. If you don’t look at anything else, this is the piece that people can’t get around it, even if they don’t question anything else. That is why THIS piece had to be tied up neatly and explained away before they left office – so people would stop asking questions and looking for answers.

What I do know, is that the truth does not lie in the story the government is once again trying to sell us. They are simply closing the door on it. Once again, case closed. They will make certain nobody looks into this after they leave office. Solving the Anthrax case AND WTC7, all in a month’s time, right before the election, and right before they leave office..

How MIRACULOUS, and utterly (politically) convenient.

Politics of Fear 2.0

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Ok, it’s a wee bit more subtle this time: No mushroom clouds, no smoking guns, no weapons of mass destruction, no UN hearings or white powder in vials. On the other hand the Georgian President was nudged into war and a contract with Poland allows the ultimate provocation to place powerful American weaponry into Russia’s back yard. With the help of Russia’s imperialistic tendencies and their stick at nothing government, the Administration managed to get the public perception back to military threats as a major concern of Americans. The threat level’s up. And expect it to get boosted even more.

There’s nothing like a good old crisis with Russia to get voters to toe the line. And consequently bring McCain’s poll numbers up.

My behind is clearly much, much too close to Poland – which Russia threatened with a nuclear attack – for my own comfort, to appreciate gameplaying with the security of us Europeans for a cheap, albeit quite successful, election campaign booster. I do not need another mindless, intellectually incurious, neocon tool as a leader of the still remaining superpower. I loathe and fear the clueless risk-taking of diplomatically challenged leaders and their military recklessness which is designed to instill fear in you all. For their own political gain and at the cost of lives all over the world.

The Story of Two Dogs

Bush’s Barney isn’t considered a “health hazard” so why were these dogs considered a “health hazard”?

Just goes to show how insensitive and heartless the commanders-in-chief have become since Bush decided to invade a sovereign nation.

I had to wait until the tears stopped before I could post this.

A special thanks to a brave Patriot, Casey J Porter for sharing the truth about Iraq.