Politics of Fear 2.0

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Ok, it’s a wee bit more subtle this time: No mushroom clouds, no smoking guns, no weapons of mass destruction, no UN hearings or white powder in vials. On the other hand the Georgian President was nudged into war and a contract with Poland allows the ultimate provocation to place powerful American weaponry into Russia’s back yard. With the help of Russia’s imperialistic tendencies and their stick at nothing government, the Administration managed to get the public perception back to military threats as a major concern of Americans. The threat level’s up. And expect it to get boosted even more.

There’s nothing like a good old crisis with Russia to get voters to toe the line. And consequently bring McCain’s poll numbers up.

My behind is clearly much, much too close to Poland – which Russia threatened with a nuclear attack – for my own comfort, to appreciate gameplaying with the security of us Europeans for a cheap, albeit quite successful, election campaign booster. I do not need another mindless, intellectually incurious, neocon tool as a leader of the still remaining superpower. I loathe and fear the clueless risk-taking of diplomatically challenged leaders and their military recklessness which is designed to instill fear in you all. For their own political gain and at the cost of lives all over the world.


8 thoughts on “Politics of Fear 2.0

  1. I believe it was Georgia that provoked Russia and I’m not sure Americans are ready for another war. Just today I heard that oil prices are beginning to creep up. Every time that Bush and McCain wave their swords in the air, oil prices rise. Whenever they lower their swords, oil prices fall. A rise in oil prices lowers the US economy. No, I don’t think there will be war with Russia. The USA doesn’t have the money and another war would require a military draft and NO ONE wants that except maybe the neocons. Better hope that Obama wins.

  2. Putin has played Bush like a fiddle. The gains from the Reagan administration have been erased. The Iraq occupation has reduced the US military to a second rate force. Like the USSR in the early 1980’s our only option to attack is now limited to a nuclear response. That is scarcely an envious position unless your are praying for Armageddon.

  3. Cats, why would Georgia dare to attack South Ossetia? What kind of communication was going on in the background?

    It is not about an all out war, it’s about the sense of international crisis, which drives voters into McCain’s camp. The majority of voters is more comfortable with McCain in a situation like a Russian – American crisis. That’s a fact. It suffices to create the proper atmosphere.

    I don’t like it, but it is no use denying it.

  4. Another thought. The Iraq security pact Condoleeza Rice is right now negotiating. If they close it, they’ll pretty much close down this venue for Obama, too. A redeployment plan is very old news when there is already a plan in place..

    The Republicans are cunning. Don’t fool yourselves.

  5. ..and they have all the opportunities of an administration behind them. They can actually make politics.

  6. EV,

    McCain’s foreign policy advisor has lobbying ties to Georgia. It is likely Georgia was duped into thinking it would get US support for its invasion of Ossetia, much the same as when Saddam got the green light to invade Iraq.

  7. Iolair,

    and Rove was on “vacation” in Georgia, when he was supposed to appear in Congress subpoena and all.

    I am convinced they are pouring oil into small flames to kick up a blaze hot enough to frighten you all into voting for McCain. They, let me call them the military industrial complex for want of a better word are not going down without a fight.

    By the way their efforts would mean, they haven’t been able to buy Obama completely, or they’d be serenely looking on.

  8. I totally agree and that’s a great point about Obama EV.

    And again these sickos are willing to sacrifice human lives to win an election.

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