The Story of Two Dogs

Bush’s Barney isn’t considered a “health hazard” so why were these dogs considered a “health hazard”?

Just goes to show how insensitive and heartless the commanders-in-chief have become since Bush decided to invade a sovereign nation.

I had to wait until the tears stopped before I could post this.

A special thanks to a brave Patriot, Casey J Porter for sharing the truth about Iraq.

8 thoughts on “The Story of Two Dogs

  1. What they did to those soldiers who cared for those dogs is almost as bad as what they did to those puppies.

    Thanks to Casey and you too Cats.

  2. It wasn’t right to kill those dogs. Those dogs were acting like guard dogs and the dogs received medical care. Just typical Bush crap… get rid of that which he feels is of no use to him. Bush’s message trickles down the line of command. If you get the chance, read “Inside the Wire” Erik Saar does a good job of explaining the chaos and incompetence in the military command because of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld et al…

  3. Cats, there was a section in the book “Imperial Life in the Emerald City” where he wrote about how the contractors killed all the cats and dogs, etc.. If they saw them, they shot them (for sport I think..). Some soldiers started hiding away the kittens that would wander into the Green Zone and care for them. But if the cats wandered out, and were seen, they were shot.
    Terrible for morale. Worse for the critters. The soldiers were emotionally connected to these small critters and nurturing them. It was just mean, nasty, sociopathic behavior to kill those animals.

  4. It was just this kind of behavior back in the ’60’s that had people calling the police “pigs” and it was the horrible behavior of some of our military that made some of the people hate the soldiers when they returned from Vietnam. And now there is the same brutality from some of our troops in Iraq. Sorry, I can’t support that type of behavior.

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