10 thoughts on “McCain:There are jobs Americans won’t do for $50 an hour – like picking lettuce.

  1. For fifty bucks an hour, my kids would come, work all season, and they’d bring all their friends!!

    I grew up in the Central Valley of California and worked EVERY season out in the fields or the sheds in the heat, for a number of years starting in junior high and into my 20’s. We worked LONG hours AND weekends for a minimum wage and NO benefits. It was honest, hard work and I was grateful to have the jobs.

    Yes people would do those jobs for decent pay and some sort of benefits like medical care coverage.
    McCain is an idiot, and he IS an elitist. He is certainly out of touch with the reality that most Americans face each and every day.

  2. He obviously has no clue how hard it is for teenagers even to find work. It took my daughter 7 months because of all the seniors are taking the typical jobs we use to have from 16 to 19.

    Plus, the average person doesn’t hand their daughter a $700,000 place to live for a graduation gift.

  3. Guys, I couldn’t agree more. I have worked for much less than that, including nightshifts in a cheese factory. I didn’t even make that hourly in my last job, just before my “homemaker” life. McCain’s ridiculous.

    Why was the pastor all over the media during the primaries and this is not?

  4. What’s telling is the “$50 an hour” comment. I mean, what are lettuce-pickers really paid? Probably more like $5, not $50. He would have a point that most legal Americans would not pick lettuce 10 hours every day for $5 an hour (considering you can make twice that flipping burgers), but a hell of a lot of people would do it for $50. I mean, that equates to six figures as a full time job.

    Granted, by McCain’s standards, six figures is poverty level. You need to earn at least $5,000,000 per year to be rich in McCainville, and not be able to count your houses.

    But Obama is the elitist. Riiiiiiight…

  5. What a difference a generation or two makes.

    60 years ago, we had Rosie the Riveter and the Greatest Generation…

    … now, the Republican nominee thinks we can’t pick lettuce for $50 an hour in a reccession.

    Thanks for putting this up, EV.

    Though I don’t do a lot of political ads, I put this one up on my site, and I think you and the critters would approve. (plus a great pic of Rockwell’s Rosie)

    “John McCain to the American Worker:”You Can’t Do It My Friend””


  6. Even though he’s a Senator McCain thinks the minimum wage is $65.50 because he doesn’t know much about the economy and numbers and Cindy’s paid the bills for the past 25 years so he saw in some piece of paper that passed his desk that the minimum wage is $6.55 but he thought it said $65.50 and that’s why he said the thing about $50 an hour wage you can’t live on and he was a prisoner-of-war and was tortured, my friends.

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