For Zooey – A Little Michelle Obama

Some of these might overlap but they’re all inspiring.

Here’s a LINK to NPR’s audio and transcript although it seems the very beginning of the speech is missing.

‘The American dream endures’

‘Crosscurrents of history’

‘Isn’t That The Great American Story?’

‘Obama Will Bring Change’

‘Michelle Obama on values that shape her and Barack’

Somebody call the Waa-ambulance..

Sen. Ted Stevens: Prosecutors out to smear my name

Sen. Ted Stevens accused the Justice Department of trying to smear his character Monday as he prepared to defend his seat in a crowded Republican primary election.

Stevens, the Senate’s longest-serving Republican, is scheduled to stand trial next month for lying on Senate records about hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts and home renovations he received from VECO Corp.

Prosecutors also want to present somewhat unrelated evidence that they believe shows the Alaska senator got a sweetheart condominium deal, his daughter got a discounted car and his son got a job from VECO.

In court documents filed Monday, Stevens suggested the Justice Department was making accusations haphazardly, hoping to damage his reputation at trial. Those accusations have nothing to do with the crime he’s charged with, attorneys said.

Prosecutors are just picking on him? I don’t think so.. You’d have to have character in order for someone to smear your character..

He’s crying ‘foul’ because he chose to lie on Senate records, received LOTS of money and favors, got caught, and is now being made to account? I guess I can see his point.. Many other politicians in Washington, including EVERYONE in this Administration, are ‘getting away’ with breaking rules, laws, etc.. Why shouldn’t he? (/sarc)

The Justice Department filed court documents of its own Monday, outlining its suspected motive for why Stevens would have kept home repairs and other freebies off his Senate financial records: Doing so would have touched off ethics investigations and news stories that could have jeopardized Stevens’ political future.

Reporters, ethics officials and watchdog groups would have discovered that when VECO needed help, company founder Bill Allen had a direct line into the office of one of Capitol Hill’s most powerful lawmakers, prosecutors said.

“Most importantly, however, disclosure of the things of value and the negative repercussions flowing from that disclosure would have threatened the defendant’s future stream of things of value from VECO, Bill Allen and others,” prosecutors said.

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Breaking News – Cindy McCain to Travel to Georgia

Yeah Georgia, the one skirmishing with Russia. I kid you not. I heard Kelly O’Donnell on MSNBC, who travels with the McCain campaign, say that Cindy McCain will be traveling to Georgia to address the issues there. When asked why one of McCain’s foreign policy advisers wasn’t going it had something to do with how experienced Cindy is because of her philanthropic works.

Is it just me or does this seem above and beyond the duties of a senator’s wife. Remember when Nancy Pelosi traveled to the Syria and the uproar of the right about how it wasn’t appropriate. And does Syria have missiles that can reach the United States, I doubt it. But Cindy McCain is going to Georgia, hopefully the Russians won’t notice.

Well Dick Cheney is also traveling there, we can only hope they are going together.


SACRAMENTO, California – John McCain told a crowd at a fundraiser that his wife is on her way to the embattled nation of Georgia, an announcement coming just hours before Barack Obama’s wife makes a high-profile speech at the Democratic National Convention.


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