McCain’s Patriotism Two-Step


Does John McCain question Obama’s patriotism? Of course not! Why, McCain told us so himself! Though McCain has said frequently that Obama would rather lose a war than lose a presidential campaign and that Obama’s Iraq policies are driven by “ambition.” A newsworthy contradiction? Not if you’re John McCain.

6 thoughts on “McCain’s Patriotism Two-Step

  1. One of the propaganda pieces making the rounds among the conservative flock is a monologue titled “Character Counts”. It describes the Hanoi Hilton history and the lives of the former POWs. The implication is that POW McCain has the requisite “character” to be President, while his opponent does not.

    This video clip proves that McCain lacks the honor and integrity implied by the “character” propaganda.

  2. If McCain doesn’t have the leadership abilities to keep his campaign under his control, then he will never be able to lead our country. Leadership starts with the campaign and John McCain has already failed.

  3. Oh no, gorn. More POW crap? Is that all McCain has to offer? Being isolated from the world for 5 years is like being an alcoholic for 5 years. Development stops. All McCain learned as a POW was coping skills and nothing else.

  4. You’re right, Cats, being a POW is not an honor. But a POW can have honor. McCain’s words have proven that he does not.

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