PUMA: Party Unity, My America

by Brent Budowsky (The Hill)

As the lion in winter brings tears to the eyes and a convention to its feet as Ted Kennedy passes the torch to Barack Obama; as Michelle Obama brings light to the eyes of Democrats with an all-American story about the dreams that do come true, the battle in earnest has begun.

To those who say party unity my ass, I say, kiss mine. This is not about them, it is about America. The vanities and egotism and self-indulgence of some now yield to the war of the worlds that has begun in earnest. This is not about the Clintons. It is about the heart and soul and future of America.

Across this nation, as the lies and smears come forth from the forces of McCain, the heart and soul of America fights back from the good and decent people who say of Bush and Cheney and McCain and Rove: enough, no more, it ends here.

When John McCain lied about Barack Obama and said he would lose a war to win an election, the single mom and her teenage daughter fought back. Mom canceled Sunday dinner. Her daughter returned the CD. They gave another $20 to Obama. In their America, the big truth must defeat the big lie.

When McCain lied and said Obama would rather shoot hoops than visit wounded troops, the vets for Obama fought back. They gave a standing ovation to Obama’s work for wounded warriors at Walter Reed while McCain lets veterans down on vote after vote, year after year, again and again.

When Cindy McCain smeared Michelle Obama, saying she was always patriotic and implying that Michelle was not, the office assistant in Washington fought back. She is organizing a rally for Barack where those who don’t have much will give what they can, to change the course of history.

When McCain lied about Obama and said Obama wanted to send political reporters and television cameras to visit wounded troops in Germany, the war hero who should have been president fought back. John Kerry speaks with integrity and passion and honor that this time, the big truth will defeat the big lie.

When McCain smears Obama, proud of his ads with young blond women and talk of “the Messiah,” the Obama kids fought back. Throughout America they came with blue shirts and white pads, signing new volunteers and small donors who total more than 2 million patriots who believe that this time, in our America, the big truth must defeat the big lie.

The man who used to be John McCain in 2000 would be sickened by the McCain who campaigns today, and would stand against, not with, the heirs to those who fomented hate against Jefferson and Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and FDR, Jack, Bobby and Martin, who were all slandered by the haters of their times. As Barack is in ours.

It is a war of the worlds. Little people with big hearts, patriots who would lift our democracy, the kids who will inherit the future, the believers in truth and honor in politics are fighting back every hour, every day, across America.

It is a war of the worlds about the content and character of the democracy of our country. It is a fight to the political death between the big truth and the big lie, between those who would lift our country up and those who would tear our country apart. The stakes are enormous. In the land of the free and the home of the brave, it is the truth that sets us free.

Now the convention has begun; the battle has been joined. One of the great men who ever served in the United States Senate has lifted his body and raised his voice, and by doing so, he lifts our hearts and raises our sights. One of the great American stories of our time, the hard-earned success of Michelle and Barack Obama, is living proof that as the great man said, the dream indeed will never die.

So to those who say party unity my ass, I say, kiss mine. The battle for the future of America has been joined. We will win it with you, or without you, and will not surrender the future to the lies and smears of our opponents or the vanities of those who pretend to be our friends.

Posted by TheZoo with express permission from Brett Budowsky.
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  1. Excellent.

    I’m convinced that PUMA nonsense is about 95% media concoction, however. I’ve never felt there were enough of them to be significant, but the press loves manufactured drama.

  2. This is a brilliant article as touching as the speech of Michelle Obama. Thanks for letting it appear here at TheZoo.

  3. I was going to post a comment at Brent’s site but there is too much ugly over there.

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