They’re baaackkk…

Lindsey Graham and Joe Lieberman, the two pretend diplomats “deployed” to Georgia by pretend President John McCain, are back from their trip and have written an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal with their findings and assessment.. (Hey, wait.., the Wall Street Journal.. Isn’t that the same WSJ now owned by Rupert Murdoch..?)

Glenn Greenwald writes in depth in response to their article. In a nutshell:

To recap: the U.S. is going to impede Russian aggression, re-build and protect Georgia, revitalize the military strength of NATO, and restore peace and order to Europe. We’re going to stare down the Hitlers of Iran (also in the Post today, Lieberman comrade — the super-tough-guy and Iran obsessive Micheal Rubin — lashes out at Joe Biden for “blinking on Iran” and being “Tehran’s favorite senator”). We’re going to re-build, occupy and safeguard Iraq for decades if necessary. We will single-handedly promote Israel’s interests and view each of its enemies and its wars as our own. We’re also going to get much tougher on China, just like Russia:

A John McCain presidency would take to a more forceful approach to Russia and China, according to senior foreign policy advisers to the Republican candidate. . . .

Robert Kagan, who wrote much of the [foreign policy] speech delivered [by McCain] in Los Angeles, told the Daily Telegraph: “Russia will loom large for both Europe and the US, and John McCain has been ahead of the curve and has seen this coming down the road. . . .While continuing a “multi-faceted approach” to Beijing, [McCain foreign policy adviser Max] Boot said the US needs “to be forthright on their human rights abuses and not shrink from condemning what they are doing in Tibet for example, or from trying to help Chinese dissidents to stay out of jail”.

And we’re going to do all that while cutting taxes further. But remember: it’s Russia, bulging with cash from oil exports, that better realize — for their own good — that its efforts “to define its greatness in terms of spheres of influence, client states and forced fealty to Moscow will fail — impoverishing its citizens in the process.”

Read the rest of Greenwald’s article: Warnings to Russia from Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham

I still want to know why Cindy McCain was dispatched to Georgia.. Is she going as the “pretend First Lady”? I can’t wait to hear HER report…

4 thoughts on “They’re baaackkk…

  1. Sigh… just how do these three stooges plan on paying for these wars. Sounds like a reversal of the Reagan plan. We out spend the Russians and Russia goes bankrupt. Now, Russia can out spend the US and we will go bankrupt.

    I think Cindy went to assess the casualties in Georgia so that she has something to talk about if she gives a speech at the Republican Convention. Otherwise she will be left with only these talking points: she’s an heiress, she owns more than 7 homes and she a recovering drug addict.

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