Republican Columns are Different?

By now we’ve all heard the insults towards Barack Obama because his stage tonight has … gasp … columns on it.  The nerve!  Surprisingly though when George W. Bush gave his acceptance speech in 2004 he was surrounded by … COLUMNS.

I think Karl Rove is losing it along with W and McCain.


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One thought on “Republican Columns are Different?

  1. The desperation of a bankrupt ideology. Agree or disagree, Republicans used to stand for something: fiscal responsibility, moral “family values” responsibility, military / foreign policy responsibility, rule of law. You don’t hear about any of these anymore, EVER, because: they have wrecked the economy, they have nominated an adulterer and family abandoner, they have endorsed an unprovoked war built on lies and bullied nations around the globe, and they have permitted the relentless abuse of the Constitution. What is their core platform these days? I have no idea.

    Gawd help us all if a majority of the electorate can be persuaded to vote for president on the basis of non-issues like stage decor, the body language of a losing contender, the middle name of the nominee, etc, etc.

    If so, maybe humanity isn’t mature enough to handle democracy after all.

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