Speeches from the DNC Convention: Day 3

Here are a number of speeches from the DNC Convention in Denver Day 3. Some of these videos you may have seen on TV, some you may not..

Former President Bill Clinton:

Senator and VP Candidate Joe Biden:

Many more speeches below the fold:

Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer:

Congressman Patrick Murphy (brings the heat!):

Major Tammy Duckworth Iraq Vet:

Governor Deval Patrick (MA):

Jesse Jackson Jr. (from day 1, but oh well..):

Senator Mary Landrieu:

Senator John Kerry:

Senator Evan Bayh:

Senator Jack Reed:

[future senator] Tom Allen (Maine):

Tom Daschle:

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright:

I am ending with an interview with Dennis Kucinich:
Dennis Kucinich Begs Voters To ‘Wake Up’