Alaska Politics: Open and transparent government?

ADN.COM (H/T: wordie from reddit)

Reporter Lisa Demer talked today to the Palin administration about the use of private e-mail accounts in the governor’s office. Palin’s new communciations director, Bill McAllister, gave a surprising answer when pressed about how the public could get access to those e-mails, when they concern state business and aren’t otherwise exempt from public disclosure.

Listen to what McAllister had to say about open and transparent government.

Gov. Palin’s communication director, Bill McAllister

Just what Washington needs. Another mondo secretive politician. After the e-mail scandal of the current most secretive White House ever, this sounds like taken from a Rovian playbook. Are we sure it was not Karl Rove who killed Lieberman’s ambitions just in order to install another apt pupil of the Cheney doctrine of absolute non-disclosure?

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3 thoughts on “Alaska Politics: Open and transparent government?

  1. The more we learn about Sarah the more like John McCain she becomes. Lies and distortion.

    With her 90% approval rating in Alaska they obvious don’t have high expectations….. Sad 😦

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