Greatest band you’ve never heard of

In the late 60s, I would likely have said that the Sons of Champlin were my favorite (if occasionally exasperating) bands. Not only crazed hippies but one of the first bands to include a horn section and some very complicated music. I saw them live a number of times, mostly great concerts. At the Amador County festival they confessed that they’d been waiting backstage for hours and, well, indulging themselves. For a band whose music required being as tight as the best soul and funk bands, wandering onstage while stoned to the eyeballs just doesn’t work. Oog.

3 thoughts on “Greatest band you’ve never heard of

  1. You are right gummitch, I have never heard of them. Very good band.

    Thanks for sharing, I like all different kinds of music. The only thing I don’t like is country music.

  2. FR! You don’t care for songs about drivin in yer truck, drunk on yer ass cause yer gurl’s sukin on some other guy and yer dog bit ya?

  3. RUC, LOL…. I dated this guy when I was 19. His cousin was from tennessee, and they wanted to re-educate me on the greatest of country music.

    I have to laugh, one of the songs I remember was called Bullshit & Onion Gravy. I kid you not.

    I remember one of the lines from the lyrics. “Woman about to drive me crazy, footprints on the dashboard upside down.”

    Needless to say, their re-education program didn’t work. The song gave me a good laugh and that was about it..

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