We must not forget…

Three years ago today Hurricane Katrina struck. The word devastating doesn’t begin to cover it. I will never forget watching the news, hour after hour, feeling helpless and screaming at my TV for our government and our so-called president to DO SOMETHING!!

It has now been three years later since that terrible day, and the changes that have taken place have benefited and proved to be very opportune for the very few.

It is important to remember what happened, and not EVER let it happen again. The people of New Orleans have been forgotten. I believe this was intentional.Our president knew it was coming, as he was warned a full day ahead of time by the head of the National Hurricane Center Max Mayfield. For a full timeline go here. President Bush stood by for days as the city drowned and people died, and the country watched in horror, and did nothing.

These people are still desperate for help, many still scattered around the country, and our government – our president – has let them down. This devastating disaster has provided an opportunity to some in a very big way. New Orleans is quietly being transformed into something that leaves most people who lived there behind. They are creating a new New Orleans; a wealthy wonderland. This is unconscionable. Naomi Klein describes very well what has taken place there since this hurricane struck in the form of “The Shock Doctrine”.

Now as another storm, Tropical Storm (will be Hurricane) Gustav, appears to have New Orleans in its sights, and the only thing Republicans can say is that it might mess up the news coverage of their convention.. OMG.  From Karl Rove:

Republicans can’t seem to get a break when it comes to August and when it comes to the weather,” said Rove who is also a Fox News analyst.

How incredibly insensitive and out of touch with humanity. This tragedy involved human life in our country, the United States of America, on an absolutely unimaginable scale.

Over 1,700 people died. Countless others have been displaced and scattered. The people of New Orleans, as well as along the entire Gulf Coast, have suffered terribly. They are suffering still, and now they are facing the possibility of an instant replay.  These people may not have had much to begin with, but they are still human beings – just like all of us. This isn’t about party or politics, this is about human life and suffering.

I happened onto this website today where they had some video of New Orleans today – three years after Katrina:

Katrina Anniversary–3 Years Later on Tennessee St in the Lower 9th Ward

After filming the video below, it struck us that John McCain owns more homes than have been rebuilt on Tennessee Street in the Lower 9th Ward. The street lies 2 blocks from where the Industrial Canal levee broke 3 years ago. News networks once frequently broadcasted from this street, Brad Pitt’s pink houses once lined it and First Draft has chronicled its progress in previous videos (6 months and 2 years after the flood).

This time, 3 years post Katrina and flood, we found 4 homes have been rebuilt and 6 are under construction. Of the nearly 100 homes which once stood here, one remains, gutted and empty. The rest were demolished. Much of the rebuilding  by the Brad Pitt Make it Right Foundation is being done on Tennessee Street. However the vast majority of the street is a desolate landscape of empty lots, some overgrown, others neatly mowed.

Here is Tennessee Street 3 years later……

This video which takes you back to when Katrina hit, from Toulousestreet, is called Katrina Requiem:

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