Song of the Times

The Beach Boys circa `1963

The Beach Boys circa `1963

During last week’s Democratic National Convention, we were treated to Jennifer Hudson giving a brilliant rendition of our national anthem. Following that was Sheryl Crow, Will.I.Am and John Legend, and the ever popular wonder boy of our time Stevie Wonder.

CNN reports that the Republican National Convention will have, amongst others, Charlie Daniels and The Beach Boys will be their headliner.

If there was any question whether the DNC is the party of the future and the RNC is the party of the past, there is no longer.Ā  Well, besides offering America the-oldest-ever-to-possibly-be-sworn-in-first-time President of the United States (along with possibly the least qualified Vice Presidential presumptive nominee in our lifetime).Ā  That is the biggest question of all.

6 thoughts on “Song of the Times

  1. Geez, I wonder if McCain will do a duet with the Beach Boys. He does a wonderful cover of their “Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran”, after all.

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