As the Republican Party prepares to party in the Twin Cities, God is preparing a not-to-subtle reminder of their ineptitude. Gustav is strengthening to hurricane strength, and the center of its projected path is New Orleans.

August 29, 2008…5:59 am:

Gustav is predicted to make landfall during RNC Party

Gustav is predicted to make landfall during RNC Party

UPDATE: Gustav approaching Catagory 5 and moving:

Gustav strengthens, passes Cuba

Gustav strengthens, passes Cuba

UPDATE 8/31:


For a real-time map, see here.
(HT: Willyloman)

Once again, will McCain and Bush be eating cake while Americans suffer through a natural disaster?


New Orleans still hasn’t recovered from Katrina, but workers are working to finish replacing lost housing a memorial to the 1,600 victims of Bush’s ineptitude in the face of disaster.

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16 thoughts on “Gustav

  1. Iolair,

    Gustav will make landfall during the GOP convention and it is a great reminder from mother nature. That’s exactly what I felt too. Thanks for posting it.

  2. If I recall correctly, didn’t that birthday cake eventually get thrown away, completely uneaten? It was nothing more than a stupid prop for a photo op. Nothing more. Didn’t even have sincere birthday wishes behind it.

    In short, a fitting symbol of the promises of the Republican Party to our Nation.

  3. My father lives in New Orleans. He lived through Katrina and Rita. He has left town for this one. He actually told me they were told that BOTH hurricanes were headed straight for them. TWO.
    If this one takes his home, it takes all he has left.

  4. I heard on the news this evening that McCain is suggesting turning the GOP Convention into a telethon instead to help the victims of the coming hurricane.. Turning it into a community service event.

  5. Holy shit, there’s nothing to slow it down now.

    I asked this question after Katrina skipped over Florida — anyone know the temperature of the waters of the Gulf…?

  6. Now that Gustav has entered the southeastern Gulf of Mexico, it will have hundreds of miles of exceptionally warm sea between it and the Gulf Coast. Water temperatures along the path will be 84 to 88 degrees, which will help to sustain Category 4 or even Category 5 status today.

  7. I understand that Mayor Nagin a) is still mayor; and, b) ordered a “mandatory evacuation.” I want to know if Bush is going to illegally hire a private army to enforce the law down there again, or is he going to leave law enforcement to those constitutionally authorized to do it.

  8. I read earlier that they were evacuating those who couldn’t leave on busses…and taking them to those detention centers (one would assume if you don’t have funds for a hotel). I didn’t save the link.

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