Will McCain turn RNC into telethon for hurricane victims?

Raw Story

A top aide in the McCain campaign said officials may turn the Republican National Convention into a service event to aid possible victims of a hurricane headed towards the Gulf Coast, CNN reported Saturday.

Convention officials are discussing several ways of changing plans so that Republicans are not seen celebrating in the wake of category 4 Hurricane Gustav, which could cause serious damage to New Orleans.

“He wants to do something service-oriented if and when the storm hits and it’s as bad as its expected to be now,” the McCain source said.

What a party of hypocrites..

Its been three years since Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. What have they done for the people who needed help desperately, and have continued to need help over the last three years? Not much. Who has benefited? Developers and corporations. Oh, and we can’t forget Blackwater. Blackwater is gearing up to go to New Orleans once again..

Business will be booming..

Amy Goodman from DemocracyNOW asks investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill how Blackwater profited off Hurricane Katrina. H/T: Crooks & Liars

And health care for these people.. If they were really concerned about the health and well-being of these people of New Orleans post-Katrina, then why haven’t they done something before now to get their hospitals going again that serve the needy? Watch Broken Levees, Broken Lives.

Refresh yourselves with the facts:

Katrina Pain Index: New Orleans Three Years Later.
Just a tiny excerpt from a VERY long list:

1.9 billion. FEMA dollars scheduled to be available to metro New Orleans for Katrina damages that have not yet been delivered.

2.6 billion. FEMA dollars scheduled to be available to State of Louisiana for Katrina damages that have not yet been delivered.

This is what the Republicans have brought you so far when it comes to hurricane tragedy and real peoples’ broken lives. A telethon? Too little too late. This RNC “telethon” is nothing but a total ‘show’ for political advantage. Theater. Nothing more. If they were genuinely concerned for the well being of these people, and truly wanted to help the victims of a major hurricane, then they had their chance three years ago and did nothing.

There is a very good post on this today from Bob Geiger:
McCain Has Long Used The Troops — Now It’s On To New Orleans

He references a post by Martin Bosworth:
From Katrina to Gustav, You’re Still “On Your Own”

To use this impending tragedy for political gain, and just to make themselves look good, is reprehensible, it’s hypocritical, it’s manipulative, it’s misleading, it’s dishonest, disingenuous, and it’s slimey politics.

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3 thoughts on “Will McCain turn RNC into telethon for hurricane victims?

  1. Great post muse 😉

    I’m so worried that this will be worse than Katrina. They haven’t even finished rebuilding yet.

    I agree McCain is a hypocrite about everything, but this is the worst.

    I’m glad to hear your family is safe….

  2. I’m relieved he left town. Last time he stayed for Katrina and for Rita. My dad is in his 70’s and works seven days a week in Construction. He has his own small company. He has worked non-stop for the last three years rebuilding in New Orleans. I asked last night what this meant, and he said they will have to start again..
    He is worried about losing his house because as he says “It’s all I have left”.

  3. muse, it’s good he has gone to a safe place. I understand his anxiety, but houses can be rebuilt. This storm is a killer.

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