Sarah Palin vs. Hillary Clinton

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One of the main arguments for Sarah Palin being a clever choice for Vice President is the notion that she might be able to pick up some of the 18 million votes Hillary Clinton got during the primaries. This post is not meant to promote Hillary Clinton would have been a better choice than Joe Biden, we can always do the comparison Biden/Palin as well, but to show how ridiculous it would be to vote for Sarah Palin, while claiming to be a supporter of Hillary Clinton.

I took the quotes from mentioning the number of  total quotes available. The Sarah Palin part is a bit meagre, but that comes with the fact that she is really inexperienced. The shallowness of some of her comments, however, have nothing to do with experience, but judge yourselves. If you find quotes that can be used to compare the two on the issues not covered below, please let me know in the comments section. Thank you.

Back to Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton, as far as possible I give you one quote each on every specific issue.


Sarah Palin (1 quote ):

I am pro-life and I believe that marriage should only be between and man and a woman. I am opposed to any expansion of gambling in Alaska.

Hillary Clinton (39 quotes ):

I think abortion should remain legal, but it needs to be safe and rare. And I have spent many years now, as a private citizen, as first lady, and now as senator, trying to make it rare, trying to create the conditions where women had other choices.

Civil Rights:

Sarah Palin ( 1 quote ):

I am pro-life and I believe that marriage should only be between and man and a woman. I am opposed to any expansion of gambling in Alaska.

Hillary Clinton ( 47 quotes ):

[…]You know, it’s a personal position. How we get to full equality is the debate we’re having, & I am absolutely in favor of civil unions with full equality of benefits, rights, and privileges. I want to proceed with equalizing federal benefits.

And I’ve also been a very strong supporter of letting the states maintain their jurisdiction over marriage. I want to repeal Section 3 of DOMA, which stands in the way of the extension of benefits to people in committed, same-sex relationships. I will be very strongly in favor of doing that as president.

I don’t know that we could have defeated the Federal Marriage Amendment if we had not had DOMA. I mean, that is something that, you know, has provided a great protection against what was clearly the Republican strategy, to just cynically use marriage as a political tool.

Homeland Security:

Sarah Palin ( 3 quotes ):

“I heard from many Alaskans serving overseas during my trip to Kuwait in July,” said Governor Palin. “One of the most frequent questions was about the status of hunting seasons upon their return. While I can’t grant our troops the chance to hunt in closed areas or in places with species restrictions, I do want to recognize them and help them hunt this late fall or winter when they get home.”

Hillary Clinton ( 48 quotes ):

We have to do everything necessary to help returning veterans get the health care and the support that they need. This new signature wound called traumatic brain injury is something that I am really upset about, because we’ve only begun to recognize it and diagnose it. I was able to pass legislation to begin to provide the physical and mental evaluations so we could treat this. They’re now getting these exams because we’ve got to track what happens to the veterans and provide the services for them.

Gun Control:

Sarah Palin ( 3 quotes )
on ending D.C. ban on handguns:

“This decision is a victory for all Alaskans and individual Americans. The right to own guns and use them responsibly is something I and many other Alaskans cherish,” Governor Palin said. “I applaud the Court for standing up for the Constitution and the right of Americans to keep and bear arms.”

Hillary Clinton ( 21 quotes ):

I respect the Second Amendment. I respect the rights of lawful gun owners to own guns, to use their guns, but I also believe that most lawful gun owners whom I have spoken with for many years across our country also want to be sure that we keep those guns out of the wrong hands. And as president, I will work to try to bridge this divide, which I think has been polarizing and, frankly, doesn’t reflect the common sense of the American people. We will strike the right balance to protect the constitutional right but to give people the feeling & the reality that they will be protected from guns in the wrong hands.

Health Care:

Sarah Palin ( 5 quotes ):

Together, let’s provide the services that our Constitution requires, constitutional services such as education, public safety, and a solid infrastructure–and let’s do them right. Let’s commit to take responsibility for good stewardship when we’re developing our natural resources. Let’s remember that Alaskans are capable and created to work. So when government provides education and job training, every able-bodied Alaskan is expected to work and not simply rely on government to provide. Let’s take personal responsibility in all areas of life–including health. What we consume and engage in impacts not just our personal health, but our communities too.

Hillary Clinton ( 84 quotes ):

If you don’t start out trying to get universal health care, we know–and our members of Congress know–you’ll never get there. If a Democrat doesn’t stand for universal health care that includes every single American, you can see the consequences of what that will mean. It is imperative that we have plans, as both John and I do, that from the very beginning say, “You know what? Everybody has got to be covered.” There’s only three ways of doing it. You can have a single-payer system, you can require employers, or you can have individual responsibility. My plan combines employers and individual responsibility, while maintaining Medicare and Medicaid. The whole idea of universal health care is such a core Democratic principle that I am willing to go to the mat for it. I’ve been there before. I will be there again. I am not giving in; I am not giving up; and I’m not going to start out leaving 15 million Americans out of health care.

To compare the two on more issues, read on..

Budget and Economy:

Sarah Palin (2 quotes ):

I have established an aggressive goal of reducing general fund spending by $150 million dollars. This takes tremendous effort by staff as well as the cooperation of the Legislature. On the savings side, by depositing our one-time surplus of $1.8 billion dollars, we’ll build our savings account to nearly $4.3 billion dollars. It’s a necessary step to ensure that we can fund essential services tomorrow; and avoid massive “single year” cuts down the road, if and when, faced with tougher times.

Hillary Clinton (28 quotes ):

Well, it is the case that the economy is becoming a greater and greater concern because, obviously, it’s not working for the vast majority of Americans. I’ve been out there since March talking about this mortgage crisis and urging much more aggressive action to stem the foreclosures that are beginning to cascade around the country. But at some point you’ve got to have government action to really tackle these problems. The stimulus package is a start, but it’s not nearly enough. What we have to do is have an economic policy that once again creates jobs with rising incomes. Obviously, I disagree with the Republicans about the tax cuts for people making more than $250,000 a year. I think we should let those expire and use that money on universal health care and other needs that people have that are really directly related to the state of the economy.


Sarah Palin ( 2 quotes ):

I support adequate funding for a strong public safety presence in Alaska. Feeling safe in our communities is something we cannot accept any compromise on. This includes policing in all its forms, the court system, prosecutors and corrections. If the legislature passed a death penalty law, I would sign it. We have a right to know that someone who rapes and murders a child or kills an innocent person in a drive by shooting will never be able to do that again.

Hillary Clinton ( 13 quotes ):

I think that the results–not only at the federal level but at the state level–have been an unacceptable increase in incarceration across the board & now we have to address that. At the time, there were reasons why the Congress wanted to push through a certain set of penalties and increase prison construction and there was a lot of support for that across a lot of communities. It’s hard to remember now but the crime rate in the early 1990s was very high. But we’ve got to take stock now of the consequences, so that’s why I want to have a thorough review of all of the penalties, of all the kinds of sentencing, and more importantly start having more diversion and having more second chance programs.


Sarah Palin ( 1 quote ):

Keeping Alaskans safe on our highways is a top priority of my administration. I’m pleased to report highway fatalities in Alaska are down this year. Since July 28, Alaska has recorded 34 fatalities for the entire year of 2008, and that number is below the decade-average of 46 at this point in the calendar year. Strict enforcement of laws regulating drunk driving, reckless driving and seatbelt use have contributed to this positive news.

Hillary Clinton ( 8 quotes ):

We need diversion, like drug courts. Non-violent offenders should not be serving hard time in our prisons. They need to be diverted from our prison system. We need to make sure that we do deal with the distinction between crack and powder cocaine. And ultimately we need an attorney general and a system of justice that truly does treat people equally, and that has not happened under this administration.


Sarah Palin ( 5 quotes ):

It is our energy development that pays for essential services, like education. Victor Hugo said, “He who opens a school door, closes a prison.” It’s a privileged obligation we have to “open education doors.” Every child, of every ability, is to be cherished and loved and taught. Every child provides this world hope. They are the most beautiful ingredient in our sometimes muddied up world. I am committed to our children and their education. Stepping through “the door” is about more than passing a standardized test. We need kids prepared to pass life’s tests–like getting a job and valuing a strong work ethic. Our Three-year Education Plan invests more than a billion dollars each year. We must forward-fund education, letting schools plan ahead. We must stop pink-slipping teachers, and then struggle to recruit and retain them the next year.

Hillary Clinton ( 66 quotes ):

I support school-based merit pay. We need to get more teachers to go into hard-to-serve areas. We’ve got to get them into underserved urban areas, underserved rural areas. The school is a team, and it’s important that we reward that collaboration. A child who moves from kindergarten to sixth grade in the same school, every one of those teachers is going to affect that child. You need to weed out the teachers not doing a good job. That’s the bottom line. They should not be teaching our children.


Sarah Palin (16 quotes)

I’ll correct you there with all due respect–the people of Alaska understand that Alaska has so much to contribute in terms of energy sources to the rest of the US. Folks up here want ANWR to be unlocked by the federal government so that we can drill. We’ve got a tremendous amount of resource up here, and we’re ready, willing and able to contribute. I think Washington doesn’t understand that we’re at a real critical crossroads: We are either going to become more and more dependent on foreign sources of energy, or we’re going to be able to secure our nation and drill domestically for safe, stable, clean supplies of energy that we have here. We have them in Alaska.

Hillary Clinton ( 43 quotes ):

Well, I actually have a four-part program that I would put into effect were I president today to deal with these rising gas prices. I would go after the energy traders and speculators. I would close the “Enron loophole.” I voted to quit filling up the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. I have advocated a gas tax holiday that is paid for, out of the record profits of the oil companies. And it’s an enormous burden on people who drive any considerable distance.


Sarah Palin ( 4 quotes ):

Governor Sarah Palin announced today the State of Alaska has filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia seeking to overturn Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne’s decision to list the polar bear as threatened under the Endangered Species Act.

Hillary Clinton ( 21 quotes ):

I do believe that the green-collar job piece of [the economic stimulus package] is important. That’s why I have $5 billion to do it. There are programs already. In Oakland CA, Mayor Dellums is working to have a green-collar job program. We could put hundreds and hundreds of young people to work right now, putting solar panels in, insulating homes. That would give them jobs and it would move us more quickly to a green economy. And I think that if you look at this from a jobs and justice, a stimulation and long-term planning effort, we need to lay down the markers now. We’ve got to hold the line against President Bush with his ill-advised approach to stimulating the economy.

Government Reform:

Sarah Palin ( 3 quotes ):

You’re absolutely right on the cleaning that’s needed in our party, in the Republican Party. And you know, I think Senator McCain is on the right track with the earmark reform that he’s so adamant about. I’m right there with him.

Hillary Clinton ( 42 quotes ):

Where I stand is for public financing. I’m going to do everything I can to get public financing, to get the money out of American politics. The point is that you’ve got to say no. You’ve got to say no. We will say no consistently in order to have a positive agenda that is actually going to make a difference. Do you have to stand up to the lobbyists? Yes. But the lobbyists represent the interests that are paying the lobbyists. So to go and focus on the lobbyists kind of misses the point.


Sarah Palin ( 1 quote ):

We have some great news to share about a successful partnership involving the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development. This venture produced the Alaska Construction Academy, and now, more than 2,300 middle and high school students and 320 adults are learning new skills–such as carpentry, plumbing, electrical, welding and drywall finishing. The academy started as a pilot program in Anchorage to attract and train young people and adults to first jobs in the Alaska construction industry

Hillary Clinton ( 20 quotes ):

When I travel across Upstate New York and hard-working people come and say, they’re closing this factory down and shipping our jobs overseas. Why can’t we get tough on China? And I say, because of the debt that this government, under this president, has exploded, we are now dependent upon China, and how do you get tough on your banker? We need to start standing up for the American worker again, and be able to once again compete and win in the global economy.

Principals & Values:

Sarah Palin ( 5 quotes ):

I studied journalism in college and always had an interest in the newsroom, which was of course so often focused on politics and government. But even earlier than that, my dad was an elementary school teacher, so often our dinner-table conversations were about current events and about those things that an elementary school teacher teaches students–much about government and much about our nation, and so I had ingrained in me an interest in our government, how things worked. And then from there I just became more interested in more practical steps that I could take. I started off running for city council when I was very young in Wasilla, where I had grown up, and was elected to two terms on the city council. And then I realized to be really able to make a difference–not just being one of six of a body but to make a difference–I would have to run for the top dog position, and so I ran for mayor and was elected mayor for two terms.

Hillary Clinton ( 154 quotes ):

I’ve lived through some crises and some challenging moments in my life. I am grateful for the support and the prayers of countless Americans. People often ask me, “How do you do it? How do you keep going?” I just have to shake my head in wonderment, because with all of the challenges that I’ve had, they are nothing compared to what I see happening in the lives of Americans every single day. I was honored to be asked to speak at the opening at a center designed to take care of and provide rehabilitation for our brave young men and women who have been injured in war. Those who had lost limbs were trying with great courage to get themselves in without the help of others. Some were in wheelchairs and some were on gurneys. The speaker representing these wounded warriors had had most of his face disfigured by the results of fire from a roadside bomb. The hits I’ve taken in life are nothing compared to what goes on every single day in the lives of people across our country.

Social Security:

Sarah Palin ( 1 quote ):

I support funding our Seniors Longevity Bonus Program so the program can phase out on schedule, in agreement with public discussion years ago. The program was declining and it was a shame to see our esteemed pioneers face broken promises when they were prematurely lopped off the program. I also support home and community based assistance programs, which are more cost effective than institutional alternatives and also allow seniors to stay in their homes and communities with dignity.

Hillary Clinton ( 17 quotes ):

I am totally committed to making sure Social Security is solvent. You’ve got to begin to reign in the budget, pay as you go, to try to replenish our Social Security Trust Fund. And with all due respect, the last time we had a crisis in Social Security wa 1983. Pres. Reagan and Speaker Tip O’Neill came up with a commission. That was the best and smartest way, because you’ve got to get Republicans and Democrats together. That’s what I will do. And I will say, #1, don’t cut benefits on current beneficiaries they’re already having a hard enough time. And #2, do not impose additional tax burdens on middle-class families.

Tax Reform:

Sarah Palin ( 3 quotes ):

To help Alaska’s families, and small businesses (the backbone of our local economies), I propose to repeal “nuisance taxes” including the tire tax–we shouldn’t make Alaskans pay a premium to keep families safe driving Alaska’s roads. And we’ll significantly reduce business license fees. Taxes which send the wrong message by financially discouraging our small businesses.

Hillary Clinton ( 30 quotes ):

It’s important we recognize how people feel in Iowa and across America. They’re one pink slip, one medical diagnosis away from falling through. I want to restore the tax rates we had in the ’90s. That means raising taxes on corporations and wealthy individuals. I want to keep the middle-class tax cuts, and I want to start making changes that will save us money, save money in our Medicare budget, save money for the average American. During the ’90s the typical Indiana family’s income rose $7,000. I want to go back to a question. You all campaign on fairly significant new programs in education, health care, and the like that will cost Billions of dollars. At the same time, many of you have said that even if we start pulling troops out of Iraq now, it will take some time to do that in a safe and orderly way. So if we assume that we’ll continue to have some military expenses in Iraq for many months, how will you pay for your new ideas in the short term?

No comparison possible, because S.Palin has no issue stance recorded at the site.
No comparison possible, because S.Palin has no issue stance recorded at the site.
Foreign Policy
No comparison possible, because S.Palin has no issue stance recorded at the site.
Free Trade
No comparison possible, because S.Palin has no issue stance recorded at the site.
No comparison possible, because S.Palin has no issue stance recorded at the site.
No comparison possible, because S.Palin has no issue stance recorded at the site.
War & Peace
No comparison possible, because S.Palin has no issue stance recorded at the site.
Welfare & Poverty
No comparison possible, because S.Palin has no issue stance recorded at the site.

I do not and did not agree with many of Hillary Clinton’s positions. But were I a Clinton supporter, I’d feel insulted by being asked to consider Sarah Palin a match.


51 thoughts on “Sarah Palin vs. Hillary Clinton

  1. Oh, and look at the one on Homeland security, my favourite. That is why I put “shallow” in my comment at the top.

  2. Palin: “I am pro-life and I believe that marriage should only be between and man and a woman. I am opposed to any expansion of gambling in Alaska.”

    Henceforth, the Rhythm Method shall not be used as a form of birth control.

  3. Palin: “I have established an aggressive goal of reducing general fund spending by $150 million dollars. This takes tremendous effort by staff as well as the cooperation of the Legislature. On the savings side, by depositing our one-time surplus of $1.8 billion dollars, we’ll build our savings account to nearly $4.3 billion dollars.”

    Palin supports excess taxation, and putting your tax dollars into a savings account, while reducing government programs, a “Tax and Don’t Spend” budget plan. I guess that’s great, as long as you don’t mind money going from your paycheck to sit in the government’s savings account.

  4. Iolair,

    I think it makes sense to put the surplus in the bank and have it for later.

    Didn’t Bush once take a surplus and refund it back to the people, effectivly reducing the money the government had to pay the bills with?

  5. I can’t decide which is more stupid: Palin’s response regarding Homeland Security, or her response about Tax Reform.

    Good gravy…

  6. Good comparison. So Palin wants to phase out Social Security. That’s a sure loser for Florida and maybe even Arizona. Palin is just like McCain… short sighted and inexperienced. To her, it is Alaska first, the United States second.

  7. Sarah Palin has two daughters of child bearing age. Just because one got pregnant outside of marriage doesn’t mean that the same thing didn’t happen to the other daughter.

    What can I say about this abstinence only… it doesn’t work otherwise there wouldn’t have been this announcement about the daughter that is 5 months pregnant and not married.

    I don’t have anything against people having children out of traditional wedlock. It happened to me, so I don’t have room to talk. The problem is someone condemning others for this behavior and then oops, it happens in the own family and suddenly, out of wedlock pregnancy is nothing to be ashamed of. Liars, dishonest hypocrites.

  8. OK, Cats, now the baby was concieved by the 14 year old? Got school records for the time she missed from school? Pictures of a “baby bump” maybe.

    Grasping much?

  9. OMG – watch the video that is part of the link that Hacker Bob sent. It is obvious that baby Trek belongs to the 17 year. Watch how the 17 year old holds the baby and looks at the baby. Only a mother holds her baby like that.

  10. Cats,

    Just asking for something to substantiate your claim? After all, people had all kinds of “proof” yesterday that the baby was Bristols.

  11. No, we were not offering “proof,” and you know it, HB. All of this is speculation, in an attempt to find out what’s going on.

    This what you do. You decide for us what our motivations are. It ain’t gonna fly.

    Why do I have to keep saying it? Attention issues?

  12. man, lotta scrumpin goin on in that household. mom is prego, 17 year old is prego, 14 year old, now is prego, shit, it’s a good thing the 4 month old is a boy! Those damn “rubes”!

  13. OK, Zooey, I get it.

    Why resort to truth when lies speculation is so much easier.

    Let me play:

    I saw this big ear 2 month old baby that looked like Obama, so it must be his lovechild. After all, he was away from his wife for 3 days about 11 months ago. It is probably his.

    Of course, this is speculation.

  14. What amazes me about this thread is that you are comparing a woman that is running for VP with a woman that is not. Why not got VP vs VP?

    But imagine, a pro-life woman has a different view than a pro-choice woman..shocking I tell ya’!

  15. HB, the comparison was drawn by the Republicans. Palin is supposed to give Clinton’s supporters a reason to vote for McCain rather than Obama. Surely you’re not so obtuse that you’ve missed that, especially since the Republicans have said so themselves.

  16. Hey! Isn’t there a quote about Hillary calling for Obama’s assasination?

    I wonder if Palin has a quote on that topic?

    (anyone who has the gall to call what Clinton proposed “universal health care” deserves what they get.)

  17. Are you sure he’s dead, willy?


    OK, so now the zoo wants to play republican games? Sorry I didn’t get swept up in the 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling crap. It would actually be more interesting to compare the people that are running.

  18. If you don’t like the way threads are presented here maybe you should do your own work and present them your way at your own site.

    I’ll believe that girl is pregnant right now when Sarah releases her medical records and those of her daughter through this week while her daughter is supposed to be pregnant. Because otherwise this family would have no reason not to lie since the election would be held before the girl had to give birth.

    And I’ll say it here from the hundreds of articles I’ve read in the last few days. Sarah has no problem telling lies and fabricating stories. She’s done it many times. Likewise she’s systematically gone around trying to scrub articles about herself. Sometimes unsuccesffully.

    In addition the hospital lists babies born on the day she supposedly gave birth to Trig and that baby is not on the list that day.

  19. Palin Lies: The baby is mine (well, that may be true actually)

    Hillary lies: They were firing on us at the airport, and we had to run for cover (weep weep weep).


  20. hb sez:
    What amazes me about this thread is that you are comparing a woman that is running for VP with a woman that is not. Why not got VP vs VP?

    Read the first paragraph! It is about the target group, Hillary supporters. There will be a Biden/Palin matchup, but I can only spread myself so thin.

  21. Shayne,

    I can see Palins records being released, but not her underage daughter. After all, the 17 y/o isn’t running for office.

    But, If you want to ask for that, then Obama and Biden need to release the medical records of their children as well.


    Do not get me wrong, it is excellent work. :).

  22. That is it willy,

    They seem to be trying to convince people that would not vote for Palin anyway to not vote for Palin.

  23. I think there are people who will vote for anybody but the black guy. I met a lot of them yesterday at a family party. I don’t think many of the women supporting Hillary were progressives and I don’t think they’re as radical as Palin. I do not Obama isn’t a shoe in and the McCain/Palin ticket is scary.

  24. Shayne,

    What is your view of someone that won’t vote for the “black guy” because the do not like his politics. Or someone that won’t vote for McCain BECAUSE he picked a woman running mate?

    (didn’t mean to get off topic, sorry)

  25. Well we’re certainly not trying to convince die hard Republicans to vote for Obama. It’s more productive to piss up a rope. Do you think we’re trying to convince you to vote for Obama HB, then trust me, we’re not as dumb as you think. But then again this site isn’t really here for you or other Republicans. We started this site to get away from Republicans.

  26. Shayne,

    No, but we have no right to see ANY of the medical records of ANY of the CHILDREN or SPOUSES.

  27. Hey I have to leave again HB. Keep talking about me while I’m gone like you usually do. Even though, I’m not running for anything.

  28. Gee, Shayne, Then why was I INVITED to partake in this site?

    No, you are not trying to convince republicans to vote for Obama, just that he is the better candidate.

    And for the record, I do not always vote (R). Oklahoma only gave us 2 choices when I registered or I would have selected (I).

  29. Do you guys really think progressives will vote for Palin because of her gender? Do you think we are that shallow?

    If we follow this particular train of logic any distance, it would suggest that a liberal blog shouldn’t dedicate any time at all to criticism of conservative candidates. We shouldn’t spend time pointing out McCain’s flip-flops or gaffes because progressives aren’t going to vote for him anyway.

    Did I get that right?

  30. I see HB hijacked this thread.

    It was supposed to be about the comparative policy differences between Hillary and Palin, given that some believe Palin was picked solely to attract disillusioned Hillary backers.

    Even that aside, it serves to show just how shallow Palin’s policy positions were before being picked to the the Number Two person in line to lead our Military in two wars.

    HB, you really comfortable with the idea that Palin could be your Commander-in-Chief on a moment’s notice? Judging by the responses above, she’s clueless, except for single-minded pursuit of anti-gay marriage, anti-abortion, and pro-drilling.

  31. I have always said that it is like a slap in Hillary’s face to have an incompetent, know nothing woman paraded around as if she is just as good as Hillary politically. Hillary earned her stripes and has been in the political trenches fighting for health care and other necessities of the American public.

    I have respect for the work done by Hillary Clinton. I can only respect Palin if I’m interested in killing animals and murdering people. Which I’m not. If this country doesn’t get a grip, we are going to go to hell in Sarah Palin’s handbasket – which (of course) is sponsored by the Bushites.

  32. Steadycat, welcome to The Zoo. I hope you’ll enjoy yourself strolling as I did, when checking into your site.

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