Fox host: RNC Protesters Should Just be Left in Jail…

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“The hosts of Fox & Friends were predictably irate on Tuesday about the alleged anarchists who have been witnessed causing disruptions during the Republican National Convention, while ignoring questionable police tactics and seemingly indiscriminate arrests directed against peaceful protesters and journalists.”

“Gretchen Carlson even appeared to believe that there was no difference between the thousands of orderly protesters and the few dozen individuals who appear in Fox video breaking windows and overturning park benches and litter baskets. “‘Peaceful, family-friendly march’ — is that why I was running for cover into Walmart?” she asked.”

Yes, let’s just forget that sweeping police raids that happened across the city, involving teams of 25-30 officers in riot gear, with semi-automatic weapons drawn, entering homes of those suspected of planning protests, handcuffing and forcing them to lay on the floor, while law enforcement officers searched the homes, seizing computers, journals, and political pamphlets. If that isn’t considered unlawful search and siezure, I don’t know what is. I’d like to see Kilmeade’s & Gretchen’s reaction, if it were them that were forced to lay face down with handcuffs on for 45 minutes while they unlawfully search her home.

Or that, St. Paul was the most militarized American city starting Sunday night, even more so than Manhattan in the week of 9/11 — with troops of federal, state and local law enforcement agents marching around with riot gear, machine guns, and tear gas cannisters, shouting military chants and marching in military formations.

“Steve Doocy explained to her that there was a distinction. “These are some of the protesters, and in a moment you’ll see them start to run,” he said, narrating the video he had shot earlier. “Apparently some of the nitwits, these anarchists behind there, are throwing stuff at some of the police.”

“They do it on Labor Day because a lot of people have the day off — even though they do not have jobs,” speculated Doocy.

“They’ve got to put them in jail and leave them in jail,” Kilmeade suggested angrily. “Just leave them there for a week. … Just say the paperwork got messed up.”

Those three couldn’t respond intelligently on any subject. They conveniently didn’t mention the fact that a photographer from the AP, Amy Goodman, a nun, and some attorneys were arrested. Also, Donna from CNN was pepper sprayed. Covering news is constitutionally protected and so are protestors right to free speech and peaceful demonstrations. They need to brush up on their reading of the Constitution before making such ridiculous remarks.

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2 thoughts on “Fox host: RNC Protesters Should Just be Left in Jail…

  1. The stupidity on display on Fox is breathtaking.

    These are “news” people? Anyone who believes anything they hear from these morons has zero critical thinking skills.

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