Obama Ticket Cracks 50%

For the first time, the Obama campaign has reached or exceeded the important 50% mark in two consecutive polls. In fact, the three most recent polls have Obama at that level:

Gallup: 50%, 8 point lead

Rasmussen: 51%, 6 point lead

USA Today: 50%, 7 point lead

The current polling has Obama at the highest level since March.

The 50% mark is important because, if accurate, it suggests that the McCain campaign cannot be satisfied only going after undecided voters, but must agressively attempt to convert at least some voters who are already committed to Obama.

5 thoughts on “Obama Ticket Cracks 50%

  1. I’ve done a lot of travelling lately, and everywhere I go, the Obama signs and bumperstickers outnumber the McCain signs and bumperstickers by a significant margin.

    I can’t help but wonder (and hope and pray) if this is a truer indication of the way the American public is going to vote in November then what all the pundits and polls say.

    Either that, or we have a lot of Republicans who are so ashamed of McCain that they won’t publicly support him….

  2. And ojibray, they only pass those bumperstickers and signs out freely in states that aren’t guaranteed. In Illinois if you want any of those you have to buy them.

  3. So far in my town (Idaho), I’ve seen a few Obama bumperstickers, including my own, and ONE yard sign.

    They gave out lots of Obama signs at the acceptance speech party, so I expect I’ll be seeing more soon.

    On the other hand, I have seen ZERO McCain signs anywhere.

  4. It has been really interesting to see that alot of college students where I live have Obama bumperstickers on their cars.

    I’m very happy to say, I have not seen a single yard sign for McCain.

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