22 thoughts on “Sarah Palin has Pastor Problems, too

  1. What’s a cult? One person’s religion is another person’s cult. The doctrine described in this audio is fairly mainstream stuff as far as the evangelical / born again crowd is concerned.

  2. These people think that Alaska will be an apocolyptic refuge for Christians. I, for one, hope that all the fundie nutjobs take that seriously and move on up to Wasilla. We can then give them their wish to secede from the Union. Good riddance.

  3. I think Sarah just got her introduction to the real world. It’s easy to be a big fish in the little pond that is Alaska. I’m guessing she won’t be governor for long now that everybody is comparing all the dirty tricks she’s pulled on people.

    Karma is a bitch.

  4. Funny…we have audio and video of Rev. Wrights rampages. Yet, you give us a video with some woman’s voice in the background. Very convincing.

    Nothing said in the video comes anywhere near GD America, America is responsible for AIDS in black Americans, and the charges that America is as bad as the KKK…oh by the way, he was talking about you, if you live in America.

  5. If you’d seen the entire speech ncarnes you would have seen that Reverand White was quoting the words of a white diplomat of the United States days after 9/11 and not just talking about hate.

    Yes we live in the America that George Bush has spent the last 8 years destroying the reputation of. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. Thank you for posting my video! I wanted to add that Sarah Palin’s friend (or so she said) Has been stalking this video. She’s been leaving some weird comments. Like;

    For the record: I have known Gov. Palin for over 15+years. I personally attended Wasilla Assembly of God up until 2002. I can assure you as someone who was on Staff when Sara was Mayor of Wasilla, that the post of your video is as far from “The Truth” about Sara’s personal relationship with God and her political views as you could possibly be.
    She is a: Solid… God-Fearing Woman. Sara and husband Todd are some of the most admirable “servants in public service” that you will ever find!!!

    This woman is just as crazy as Palin, what is in the water up in Wasilla?

  7. I was raised Catholic too. Then I started reading, and doing research and that ended that.

    perrrfection, thanks for the background info. 🙂

  8. Let’s see… Sarah Palin believes that the Iraq war is God’s war which would make it a holy war. Now where did I hear that before…. oh, yeah, Osama bin Lauden. He, too, has a God’s war going. What’s that saying… birds of a feather, flock together.

    And perrrfection, thanks for the video. My guess is that you wanted this video to go viral.

    As for you trolls, just because you say it isn’t so doesn’t mean that it isn’t so. Scram, go back to the McCain and collect your pay.

  9. I got to add one more thing…. if McCain chose this person even knowing all this stuff about her and her family – what does that say about the other possible choices he had – had they worse past life skeletons which would be worse than the now chosen Palin?

    Just asking…

  10. I don’t really think anyone’s religious beliefs disqualify them from office. Everyone has sat through something where the speaker has said things they didn’t agree with. There have only been a handful of times in my life where what was said was offensive enough to make me leave. I think it is outrageous the way Barack Obama’s faith has been questioned and derided. Of course, since the right wing long ago decided to make faith a political issue then I suppose there is nothing wrong with closely examining the faith of a candidate who bases their politics on their religious beliefs. However, there should be no religious test or bias in terms of holding an office. Likewise, it is abhorrent to speculate about the sexual activities of the children of a political candidate. However, when the policies of a politician are supposedly derived from their ‘family values’ and those policies include preventing people from forming the families they want and intruding into the private lives of citizens then that politician’s family should not expect a great deal of privacy. In any case, none of these things mean a great deal in my own consideration of Sarah Palin’s fitness to be Vice President to a 72 year old man who has had cancer four times.

    It is the fact that less than two years ago Sarah Palin was mayor to a town of less than ten thousand people that forms my objection. The obvious tokenism her nomination embodies is offensively stupid. With the shadow of Katrina huddling over the Republican Convention one would think that their party would have learned the lesson that there are downsides to appointing unqualified political hacks to positions of responsibility. Her association with the Alaskan Independence Party compounds the absurdity of her nomination, but also provides an intersting rhyme to history; this isn’t the first time a skinny, big-eared Illinois boy had to deal with seccesionists.
    -Winston Delgado

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