McCain acceptance speech — open thread



John McCain is accepting the Republican nomination to be the 44th President of the United States.

Drop off your thoughts, wisdom, jokes, and wise-assed comments here.

How about a little music to set the mood…?


212 thoughts on “McCain acceptance speech — open thread

  1. I guess she figures since she’s paying for the party she ought to be able to pat herself on the back.

  2. She’s running for Step-First-Lady. If she doesn’t keep an eye on Sarah, she may end up Ex-Step-First-Lady.

  3. Oh, no, please keep that pic.

    “Put your head on my shoulder, hold me in your arms, bayyybeee…”

  4. I’ll try to behave. I promise not to start the rumor that Trig is John McCain’s baby.

  5. Cindy and Sarah are sitting next to each other and chatting. I wonder how many times this will happen until they’re ready to scratch each others eyes out. I give it another week.

  6. I already looked like Sarah was explaining something to Cindy. That should go over really well.

  7. Cindy said something about two little black girls that she took home because they were sick or something. What did she end up doing with the other one. Send her to the animal shelter?

  8. What’s that music? Is it the theme from Bonanza? Definitely some old TV western.

  9. The video is pushing “country first”. Should be “evangelicals first”. Just sayin’.

  10. Six minutes into it, and I’m still not hearing anything about his legislative accomplishments. It’s all war, faith, family.

  11. And we end with the POW again. 8 minutes, nothing about his 35 years of accomplishments as a Senator. Why is that, one wonders?

  12. Olbermann pointed out that unless McCain wins, the Vietnam War will have produced no presidents. In fact, the last two presidents were Viet Nam dodgers. Interesting point.

  13. My wish has come true – the just put a puke green backdrop behind him as he was accepting the nomination. Sweet.

  14. “I’m grateful to the president for leading us on these dark days.”

    Should be “leading us into”.

    Anyway, he didn’t mention Bush by name.

  15. Giving Cindy some lovin’. Typical guy, while he’s looking at somebody else’s tush. πŸ™‚

  16. Tipping his hat to his mom. That’s cool, can’t snark him for that I guess.

  17. To Obama: “much more unites us than divides us”.

    I can’t possibly disagree more after watching the RNC the last three days.

  18. Two protesters. My dear friends … please don’t be diverted by the ground noise and the static.

    Oh what a comedian.

  19. Americans want us to stop yelling at each other. Why didn’t you tell Sarah Barracuda about that last night.

  20. Palin has tackled tough problems with her executive experience.

    Yeah, well… not easy to organize a moose hunt.

  21. His tag line: “Change is coming”

    I guess it’s ok to plagiarize if you’re a Republican.

  22. Now he’s threatening to give out the names of any pork barrel bills that come across his desk. Like infrastructure bills.

  23. He’s going to veto big spending. He’ll fight lobbyists, tobacco companies, union bosses, drug companies.

  24. More stuff from his stump speech – “I’d rather lose an election than lose a war”.

    Calls The Surge a “strategy”, again proving he does not understand either the meaning of that word, or the actual results in Iraq. But of course, this audience will gobble it up.

  25. This is unbelievable.. He’s got nothing. All he’s doing is “POW”, “Sarah Palin”, and one line campaign slogans… Un-believable…

    He is addresssing NO issues. There is NO substance whatsoever.

  26. Now he’s going into anecdotes about the little people. I guess they all have to do this now. He gets the chance to drop mention of a kid with autism. Very PC.

    Still waiting for some policy substance.

  27. I lasted less than two minutes til I threw up in my mouth a little and had to turn it off. They just can’t keep the camera off Saracuda :)~

  28. No specifics whatsoever. Nothing that effects all the problems that the people of this nation are going through. Just platitudes and slogans.

  29. “We were elected to change Washington and we let Washington change us.”

    It’s a half admission that Republicans fucked up, but puts the blame on “Washington” rather than their own conceptual and ethical failures.

    Name dropping: Reagan! Whoop whoop.

  30. Standing up again TO the values? Does that mean he wants to get rid of them? His party already doesn’t have any.

  31. I’d say he’s toast, but listening to this crowd makes me very afraid for our country. These people don’t use the common sense God gave ’em..

  32. Well, Jane and I are in here, with the computers, instead of in there, with The Liar.

    I liked when he said that no one would tell Sarah when to sit down. I thought, “Even to have a baby?”

  33. “Is he doing that grimacy blinky smile thing?”

    Must be a rhetorical question, Zo.

    blink blink


    blink blink

  34. “We believe in a culture of life.”

    Except when we are killing 10’s of thousands in unjust wars.

  35. Sarah is talking through the whole thing making comments. Doesn’t she know to sit respectfully in an audience?

  36. We believe in judges who don’t legislate from the bench.

    Evangelical codewords…

  37. These people don’t use the common sense God gave β€˜em..

    Which is why I’m convinced there is no such thing as “common sense”. Clearly, the sense that we have is not “common” to everyone.

  38. We don’t believe in government making choices for you.

    … except when you’re a woman and the choices involve your own body…

  39. Or denying health care to children and the poor.. They only concern themselves when the bun’s in the oven, not after it comes out..
    Yer on yer own..

  40. Now he’s going through a series of shallow sound bites. “My plan will do x, his plan will do opposite of x”.

  41. “We believe in a culture of life.”

    Except when we are killing 10’s of thousands in unjust wars.

    Or executing people. I wish some conservative could explain to me how being “pro-life” and being “pro-capital punishment” (i.e. “pro-death”) are not mutually exclusive.

  42. I’d say the venue is probably smaller than the DNC, and about a fifth the size of Obama’s acceptance venue. But of course it is packed.

    …with white faces except for Cindy’s token Rwandan lady.

  43. Zooey, it’s a closed arena. That makes it roar better. Ever been to a basketball game as opposed to an outdoors baseball game? Its a heck of a lot louder..

  44. More platitudes. We’re gonna help those who lose jobs find new ones that won’t go away.


    Doing more with community colleges. Some kind of makeup pay between the old pay rate and the new one. Not sure what that is.

    “Education is the civil rights issue of this century.”

    Okay, this is his coded approach to push vouchers, yet another evangelical wedge issue.

  45. “He’s as inspiring as glue.”

    But nowhere near as useful.

    Watching this is making me sick, so I had to get away from it. At least the protesters were fun.

    He’s going on about bringing change to Washington…so he’s dumping all his buddies? How can he be so hypocritical, when it’s HIS party and HIS friends who have ruined this country. And how can anyone believe this bullshit? They’re so dumb they’re just lapping it up!

  46. Sarah is talking through the whole thing making comments. Doesn’t she know to sit respectfully in an audience?

    Shayne, maybe she’s doing like Harry Potter in The Sorcerer’s Stone and talking notes by writing down everything he says so she won’t forget anything….

  47. letting people die because they don’t get to see a doctor.

    Especially when the only barrier is money. I’ve said it before, and I will continue to say it until the country listens:

    Healthcare should NOT be a for-profit industry. To want to make money off the sick and dying is not only perverse, it’s inhuman. I’ll shut up now.

  48. Plus businesses can’t compete paying the high cost of health insurance when the rest of the world the businesses don’t.

  49. “We’re gonna stop sending 700 billion to countries that don’t like us very much and start spending some of that money by” drilling drilling drilling

    then the obligatory mention of other alternatives, without specifics

    we know he won’t do squat to develop alternatives

  50. Yep Jane, he’s throwing his cronies under the bus because they’re all the big spenders. Of course the people of Arizona hate him because he’s done nothing for them.

  51. We’ve dealt a serious blow to al Qaeda, Iran, Russia. Invaded blah, blah, blah, Georgia needs us.

  52. “We must see and face threats clearly with confidence wisdom and resolve.”

    “Iran remains the chief state sponsor of terrorism.”

    “Russia’s leaders have rejected Democratic ideals… they invaded a small neighbor in order to gain more oil”

    Now, hell, what good country would do something like that?

  53. “We can’t turn a blind eye to aggression and lawlessness that threatens the peace of the world”

    Why not? We’ve turned a blind eye for eight years.

  54. β€œIran remains the chief state sponsor of terrorism.”

    I do not believe that this is a true statement. I think that Saudi Arabia continues to fund the terrorist wing of their royal family.

  55. “I know how the world works.”

    “I know how to secure the peace”

    Bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran.. chuckle

  56. Oh crap, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, who fucking knew? Viet Nam blah, blah, blah. I hate war … but I love talking about it.

  57. Says he will build the foundations for a stable and enduring peace. Doesn’t mention the strategic vision that will drive the policies toward that goal, though.

    Again, he just don’t get that strategy thingy.

  58. We have to change everything but you won’t have a Republican congress dickhead. Why didn’t you work with W while you idiots had the majority for 6 years.

  59. “I will reach out my hand to anyone to help me get this country moving again, my friends”

    MFC: 6

  60. I have that record and the scars to prove it, Senator Obama does not. So much for being nice.

  61. One woman has tears in her eyes so they’re showing her. What would be making you weepy with this crappola.

  62. If he’s serious about “changing the way Washington works,” then why doesn’t he reveal the names of the Republican senators who have been holding up legislation, just so they can try to say the Democrats were the “do-nothing” Congress?

    Oops, I forgot, that would mean telling the truth.

  63. Long ago I was blessed by misfortune. Did you know he was in the military? He was a POW, crap, who knew.

  64. Gee, he was in solitary confinement and was offered a release but refused it for his buddies.

    Who knew?

  65. He liked to strut after he’d been roughed up. Until they broke me. Confession is good for the soul if he had one.

  66. I think this POW story is going on about five minutes now. I’m beginning to feel a bit imprisoned and tortured myself.

  67. I was never the same again, I was my country’s man, whatever the hell that means. Oh, it doesn’t mean anything.

  68. “History has anointed me to save our country in its hour of need.”


  69. Policy meat, he doesn’t have any policies yet. He’s going to change EVERYTHING. Whatever we have it’s going to be different. Then what exactly does he love about the country.

  70. Oh man, it’s just going downhill. America, apple pie, and the flag. God and guns. Yippee.

    (applause sign flashing)

  71. Fight, fight, stand up, stand up x10. We never give up we never quit we make history.

    Well don’t they all feel better now. Did he say anything?

  72. End of speech. Absolutely content free.

    If there is a convention bump, I may just give up on this thing.

  73. By the way, the “we never give up” bit is taken from Hillary.

    Not an original thought in the entire Republican brain trust?

  74. Apparently Cindy had to spend so much money on John’s makeup artist she couldn’t get her hair done.

  75. And some hideous shit-kickin’ country song is playing. Again, they steal from Obama even if the idea is a bad one.

  76. Oh, it’s disappointing to hear MSNBC being so kind. That’s a bad sign. That must mean that Fox is screamin’ and creamin’.

  77. Mathews, he’s admitting the party’s failure. Divorcing himself from them. It may just work.

    You know what Chrissy, STFU.

  78. Every time they showed her she was babbling to her husband or whoever was next to her. Then she was on stage and still talking to John.

  79. Now he said he didn’t work for any particular party. Really? Starting today he’s working for everybody. And all that crap Palin and Rudy and Mitt spewed for you yesteday, we should all forget about that.

  80. At least Olbermann caught the fact that Bush was not mentioned by name. Good boy.

  81. They’re going to Wisconsin tomorrow. That’s where Obama has been working for over a month organizing people on the ground and sending people from all over Illinois to canvass. Good luck with that Johnny.

  82. Funny nobody has mentioned the protesters and the other stumbles in the speech.

  83. Oh, a more personal description than he’s ever given before. – Andrea Mitchell.

    Sure bitch, it’s all been top secret up until now.

  84. She yammers like that Zooey because she knows everything. The bitch taught the Wright brothers how to fly.

  85. I guess we’ll have to wait for Jon Stewart to get a decent dissection of this train wreck.

  86. In retrospect, consider how he had to shift the message here. He didn’t really say anything about “experience”. It was all “POW” and “change”.

  87. Okay, now we need to hear from Tom Ridge. Okay, at this point I need to sign off. I can’t take anymore.

    ‘Night everyone.

  88. Damn, I had a meeting tonight…so this is a fly by, I have a pretty full (and gone) day tomorrow.

    Keep me posted…I missed McCain’s speech tonight.

    I will be reading every word tomorrow!

    Thanks and sweet dreams all around!

  89. I hope Keith Olbermann does a Special Comment on the “tribute” to 9/11 that so offended many of us. If you didn’t see it, consider yourself lucky. “Crass” is too polite a word to describe it.

  90. We had to leave the TV when that despicable “Tribute to the Victims of 9/11” came on, we were so aghast at the opening showing one of the planes hitting the towers, etc. We didn’t realize that the “Tribute to the Victims of 9/11” had also contained footage of the 1983 (Reagan?) bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut, footage of Osama Bin Laden shouldering a weapon, etc. I want one of those asshole talking heads to ask the question, “Just how the fuck does footage of the Beirut bombing pay tribute to the victims of 9/11?” I’m appalled. Every American should be.

  91. please tell me it wasn’t like some sort of confused half time/variety show type tribute…

  92. If you didn’t see the “Tribute”, you really should. We (and I say that loosely) should get the video and do a post about it for our own 9/11 tribute. Everyone should see what heartless, inhuman, shameful, soulless, manipulative, hateful, fearmongering, (ok, you get the gist) ghouls the Republiskunks REALLY are.

  93. Jane –
    We (and I say that loosely) should get the video and do a post about it for our own 9/11 tribute

    I just did.

  94. I liked it especially when McCain picked ut the we can all do some community work,like “Teach and illiterate adult to write” and then they showed someone holding up a placard “The Mavrick”.


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