If Only The Republicans Knew

If you were ever so declined, as I was, to open up and read the 2008 Republican Party Platform, you might have noticed something, printed lovingly, on page two of the pdf document. It’s a few words, barely a line or two, from “America the Beautiful”.

This platform is respectfully dedicated to our
“…heroes proved
In liberating strife,
Who more than self their country loved
And mercy more than life.”
America the Beautiful
Katharine Lee Bates

My first thought, though I probably shouldn’t say this, was, “Wasn’t she a Socialist?” But then I grabbed the nearest two-by-four and smacked myself over the head, because I was getting her confused with Francis Bellamy, the author of The Pledge of Allegiance, who, it turns out, is a guy! (I did say I shouldn’t say this, didn’t I? Serves me right.) Anyway, the man who wrote the Pledge of Allegiance did not believe in the same things today’s Republican Party believed in, but they still feel they should recite his words at every political event. Not that I’m trying to say they like to turn patriotism into a political issue or anything. Ironic indeed. Hey, did someone say “ironic”? Just wait, there’s more!

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Obama to McCain: Truth Hurts!

On Friday, Rachel Maddow called McCain out for lying. Not just lying once, but lying again and again.

Barbara Boxer also took McCain to task.

Now, it’s Barack Obama’s turn.

Good for you, Senator Obama!

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Saturday night Superhero party!!!

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Take the quiz and report back. We’ll be here to poke fun at you. 😉

(My) Friends, Loaners, Countrymen – Lend Me Your Earmarks

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In her Republican Convention acceptance speech, Sarah Palin said:

“I have protected the taxpayers … and championed reform to end the abuses of earmark spending by Congress.

I told the Congress “thanks, but no thanks,” for that Bridge to Nowhere.”

We already know that she was for the Bridge to Nowhere before she was against it – a classic flip-flop followed by a misleading political speech. But, what about other earmarks? As a champion for reform to end earmark abuse, as stated in her speech, surely she would set an example by not accepting earmarks.

Well, maybe not.

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Oh, the Irony!

Ron Chusid over at Liberal Values caught this little gem:

The words “I fought corruption” should never pass the lips of a charter member of the Keating Five.

–Megan McArdle on John McCain’s acceptance speech

Priceless. Absolutely priceless.

If only it was only McCain who was the liar.  Every single person who spoke at the Republican National Convention was either a liar, condescending, snide or out-and-out nasty.

This is apparently the new GOP.

I luvs me some Barbara Boxer

Bob Geiger quotes Barbara Boxer on John McCain’s convention speech:

Last night at the Republican National Convention, John McCain used the word “fight” more than 40 times in his speech. In the 16 years that we have served together in the Senate, I have seen John McCain fight.

I have seen him fight against raising the federal minimum wage 14 times.

Senator Barbara Boxer

Senator Barbara Boxer

I have seen him fight against making sure that women earn equal pay for equal work.

I have seen him fight against a women’s right to choose so consistently that he received a zero percent vote rating from pro-choice organizations.

I have seen him fight against helping families gain access to birth control.

I have seen him fight against Social Security, even going so far as to call its current funding system “an absolute disgrace.”

And I saw him fight against the new GI Bill of Rights until it became politically untenable for him to do so.

John McCain voted with President Bush 95 percent of the time in 2007 and 100 percent of the time in 2008—that’s no maverick.

We do have two real fighters for change in this election—their names are Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

What’s not to love?