Mayor Palin Billed Rape Victims

While Palin was Mayor of Wasilla, the Wasilla Police Department billed rape victims for the cost of the rape kit used to gather evidence. The cost would range from $300 to $1200 per victim and Wasilla collected between $5,000 to $14,000 per year from rape victims!

You can get a good idea of how many women in Wasilla were victims of sexual assault just by doing the math. And remember, Palin is opposed to allowing rape victims the choice of whether or not to get an abortion, forcing them to incur even more expenses.


10 thoughts on “Mayor Palin Billed Rape Victims

  1. Happy 500,000th person to the Zoo!!!

    Of course this is horribly wrong! I got it from a good source (lost it now) that Alaska leads the country in per capita rape and incest.

    If we had universal single-payer healthcare like all the developed nations in the world, there would be no problem paying for it.

    Sounds like the little town of Wasillia had a cottage industry in rape kits.

  2. WTF?~?~?~
    How on earth could anyone justify that?

    Let’s add it to the list of shit to splatter all over the debate with Biden.

  3. It boggles the mind that someone would be so callous as to charge the victim of a crime for the price of the investigation.

    I suspect this is perfectly normal in Palin-world, where a raped woman is probably suspect of being “loose” and “asking for it”, like those good conservative Christofascists believe.

    Hence women have to pay for the rape kit as part of their punishment for not being “good girls”… outrageous.

  4. And in Palin world the victim of rape and incest must have the baby. Only exception is endangering the life of the mother.

  5. And what constitutes “endangering” a woman’s life? Is it past the point of permanently ruining her health?

    People like that are nutzoid.

  6. The more I read about this woman, the less I like her… I really have no idea how it is possible that this Obama and McCain are supposedly “neck to neck”, if you believe the polls.

    I also read that women (those former Clinton supporters) are leaning towards the McCain ticket.

    WTF? Do these people suffer from battered wife syndrome?

  7. Gregor, those women were never going to vote for a democrat unless it was Hillary anyway. They all lean to the right and she I believe most of those are right wing feminists that are holding out. If that isn’t an oxymoron.

  8. GD-it, I hate it when my wrist brushes the track pad and highlights and deletes parts of my sentences so they make no sense. Bah

  9. It’s like being raped twice. The victims have already suffered enough trauma. Billing the victim for the rape kit to prosecute their attacker is inexcusable.

    That soccer mom image is very tarnished, she is more like a cold-hearted, unfeeling viper.

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