Sarah Palin’s Alaskonomics-Not Another Bush

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Sarah Palin thinks she is a better American than you because she comes from a small town, and a superior human being because she isn’t a journalist and never lived in Washington and likes to watch her kids play hockey. Although Palin praised John McCain in her acceptance speech as a man who puts the good of his country ahead of partisan politics, McCain pretty much proved the opposite with his selection of a running mate whose main asset is her ability to reignite the culture wars. So maybe Governor Palin does represent everything that is good and fine about America, as she herself maintains. But spare us, please, any talk about how she is a tough fiscal conservative.

Her holier than thou speeches are getting old. When she smiles and waves at you, Palin wants you to forget all the things you have read about her in the media or seen on the blogosphere. She doesn’t want you to think about Troopergate, or that she is all cozy with Big Oil and the coal firms that want to ravage Alaska. Instead, she wants you to envision her baking dinner for her family because, she got rid of the chef at the governor’s mansion. To show she is just like the rest of us.. I’m starting to feel ill..

Palin has continued to repeat the already exposed lie that she said, “No, thanks,” to the famous “bridge to nowhere” (McCain’s favorite example of wasteful federal spending). In fact, she said, “Yes, please,” until this project became a symbol and political albatross.

Back to reality. Of the 50 states, Alaska ranks No. 1 in taxes per resident and No. 1 in spending per resident. Its tax burden per resident is 21/2 times the national average; its spending, more than double. The trick is that Alaska’s government spends money on its own citizens and taxes the rest of us to pay for it. Although Palin, like McCain, talks about liberating ourselves from dependence on foreign oil, there is no evidence that being dependent on Alaskan oil would be any more pleasant to the pocketbook.

Plus, Palin doesn’t care that she toxic waste is killing off the Beluga whale and causing warm spots so that the salmon population is suffering also. She’s not concerned that a couple hundred of her fellow Alaskan’s whose livelihoods will be drastically effected with this new deal for coal mining, which by the way is going to be the biggest project in Alaska’s history.

Alaska is, in essence, an adjunct member of OPEC. It has four different taxes on oil, which produce more than 89% of the state’s unrestricted revenue. On average, three-quarters of the value of a barrel of oil is taken by the state government before that oil is permitted to leave the state. Alaska residents each get a yearly check for about $2,000 from oil revenues, plus an additional $1,200 pushed through by Palin last year to take advantage of rising oil prices. Any sympathy the governor of Alaska expresses for folks in the lower 48 who are suffering from high gas prices or can’t afford to heat their homes is strictly crocodile tears.

As if it couldn’t support itself, Alaska also ranks No. 1, year after year, in money it sucks in from Washington. In 2005 (the most recent figures), according to the Tax Foundation, Alaska ranked 18th in federal taxes paid per resident ($5,434) but first in federal spending received per resident ($13,950). Its ratio of federal spending received to federal taxes paid ranks third among the 50 states, and in the absolute amount it receives from Washington over and above the amount it sends to Washington, Alaska ranks No. 1.

Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber. ~Plato

2 thoughts on “Sarah Palin’s Alaskonomics-Not Another Bush

  1. She is taking the same tact as Bush/Cheney and Karl Rove in the last two major elections..

    If you say it enough, it must be so – or at least people will believe it to be so. Most Americans don’t have time to read all the newspapers or blogs, do their own fact-finding research, and don’t do much beyond listening to the Corporate Media evening news. They watch the commercials (campaign ads) in between episodes of American Idol and other brainless reality shows. They only know what they see and hear on the boob-tube.

    These people will believe what these ads are telling them. I’m sure they are thinking “why would they lie?”.. I am sure it is what the GOP is hoping for in being so blatant in their lying and distorting.

    It worked for Bush.

  2. The amazing thing about the Republicans is that they get all the other Republicans to lie for them. All the talking heads and politicians just keep saying yep, yep, yep. She vetoed the bridge. And they say the people don’t care about the details which must be true. Their base never asks how about anything. They don’t ever come up with solutions just phrases.

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