Army Suicide Rate Soars In Bush’s Quest for Oil


All of the widespread use of improvised explosive devises, multiple deployments, and the ambiguity of fighting combatants dressed as civilians is causing:

The rate of suicides among-active duty soldiers is on pace to surpass both last year’s numbers and the rate of suicide in the general U.S. population for the first time since the Vietnam war, according to U.S. Army officials.

As of August, 62 Army soldiers have committed suicide, and 31 cases of possible suicide remain under investigation, according to Army statistics. Last year, the Army recorded 115 suicides among its ranks, which was also higher than the previous year.

Army officials said that if the trend continues this year, it will pass the nation’s suicide rate of 19.5 people per 100,000, a 2005 figure considered the most recent by the government.

Another factor in the rise can be attributed to the increased pace of combat operations and financial and family troubles connected with deployments.

“Army leaders are fully aware that repeated deployments have led to increased distress and anxiety for both soldiers and their families,” Secretary of the Army Pete Geren said. “This stress on the force is validated by recent studies of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans reporting symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder or major depression.”

The statistics were released Tuesday at a news conference announcing the completion of a study by mental health experts who the Veterans Administration asked to review its suicide prevention work and track numbers.

On Tuesday, the VA also announced findings from a study showing that suicides hit an all-time high in 2006 among younger U.S. military veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The numbers show record levels for men, but the statistics are lower for women.

A study published last year shows that US military veterans make up one in four homeless people in America, even though they represent just 11 per cent of the general adult population, we are already seeing younger soldiers trickling into shelters and soup kitchens after completing tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Data from 2005 estimated that 194,254 homeless people on any given night were veterans. These are more alarming statistic that proves that our government is not taking care of these men and women once they come home.

Bush and Cheney have called all of us un-Patriotic for not supporting our troops. Why, because we want all the troops to come home; but they have shown no initiative or call for legislation to help our veterans and soldiers who have witnessed horrors beyond imagination. These brave men and women deserve better than our VA and government is treating them; in the eyes of Bush they are just another casualty of war in his never ending greed for power and oil. We are the ones that are considered un-Patriotic, my answer to that is, look in the mirror, you have the blood of thousands of soldiers on your hands from an illegal occupation and war. That stain can never be washed away…

11 thoughts on “Army Suicide Rate Soars In Bush’s Quest for Oil

  1. The lunacy continues. So if Iraq is a quest for oil (and presumably Desert Storm was as well), where is it? Why are we still paying through the nose for gas? You need to get some talking points that make sense.

  2. Papa Bush admitted that we were protecting the American way of life with Desert Storm.

    Yes, this was a war for oil, Steve. Apparently you haven’t noticed that it’s a FAILED war for oil.

    So much for “talking points.”

  3. Read Greg Palast’s “Armed Madhouse”. Aside from entertaining, it has a lot of information from an actual investigative journalist who is actually doing his job!
    He basically says (and backs it up) that it wasn’t about actually GETTING the oil, it was about breaking apart OPEC, privatizing their oil, and controlling the 2nd largest oil reserve in OPEC (next to the Saudis). Power and profits. Global hegemony. He who controls the oil controls the world..

    If they were to actually take that oil out of the ground and into production, the price of oil would go down. Why would they do that? They wouldn’t. There is no profit to be made by lowering prices and demand.

  4. “a FAILED war for oil”? Failed meaning we didn’t get the oil, or failed as in ‘we lost the war’? Even the most holy Obamessiah admitted the troop surge succeeded “beyond our wildest dreams.”

    Oh look, there’s a link over there to Daily Kos. What a surprise.

  5. Failed as in we didn’t get the oil — yet (see nwmuse, above).

    And failed because the Bush administration took us into Iraq on a sea of lies — the war was lost on March 19, 2003.

    “Obamessiah” That’s cute, Steve. But unlike you 23%ers, we don’t think in lock step with anyone, just because they say it.

  6. I agree with a part of what Palast said; this was a way to control oil, not anything for the American people, but for their friends.

    But I think Kissinger had it right: Control the food and you control the world.

    Hello Big Agra.

  7. Very true. And it, too, is being bought up by big business.

    Lewis Black did a bit on it; when he was a kid, he’d go get a drink of water from the faucet. Now that bottled water is the thing, we’re supposed to drink 8 glasses a day.

    Ya know, sometimes I feel so old when I wish for the good old days, the days when things were smaller, more local, when we actually knew our neighbors and were a more friendly people.

    Jeebus, I need a rocking chair and a porch!

  8. This is a great – and to the point – posting about our nation’s soldiers. The bottom line is, regardless of political beliefs, we have brothers/sisters/mothers/fathers etc. coming home from serving their country suffering mentally and physically. Some soldiers are on their sixth tour, some have lost limbs, are suffering from TBI, PTSD and can’t go from battlefield to front porch in 60 seconds as expected.
    It is up to us to hold our government responsible as well as take action as civilians… and neighbors.
    IF you know a veteran, or their family and friends, who are having problems, please have them call us, National Veterans Foundation.
    For the past 22 years, our toll free Lifeline has provided comprehensive, live crisis management and information and referral to all veterans and their families.
    Being aware and knowing these facts can help save lives.

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