4 thoughts on “John McCain is a Liar

  1. Well, according to McCain in the Rob Caldwell interview Palin is THE #1 energy expert in the country so what does T. Boone Pickens know.

  2. Of COURSE he’s a liar.
    He’s a Republican.
    These are the people who invent death from the sky and call it a Peacekeeper Missile.
    They rape the environment and call it the Healthy Forests Initiative.
    They invade a sovereign country and call it defending democracy.

    Now they get Bush in a bra and call her a “maverick” – – give me a break!

  3. great video.
    Its all true.
    but nobody is gonna see it except the folks that already know it…

    The press isnt doing its job.

    Im tired of all the Sunday “analysis” news round tables that don’t ever produce new information (derived from reporting) . I really don’t care how well the latest political commercials smear against whoever is playing on the east side of such and such swing state amongst the highly sought after one-armed archery aunt demographic.
    I want real reporting. i want fact checking. I want assertions to be vetted for their accuracy and not their effectiveness. I want ROSS PEROT’S PIE CHARTS !
    Just give me the facts, Im quite capable of making up my own mind about what it all means.

  4. Yes, John McBush is a LIAR!! Almost all hid adds are lies and If you watched the debate you as I seen, that he lied about 12 times on his so called facts. That why he couldnt look Obama in the eyes, becouse he was lieing about him…. its a known fact that when a person lies to you they will not look at you. Also he never looked at the camera, not only was he lieing about Obama he lies to the American people. In Johns world its not America first its campaign first!! What a looser. As a Republican I can say this man is a bad pick! Im voting for the honest one, satan is the author of lies and he can be so convincing if you are blind.

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