Thank You Rob Caldwell

This is an actual interview with tough questions asked by what appears to be one of the last real journalists. Mr. Caldwell works for the NBC affiliate in Portland, ME.

Mr. Caldwell asked Senator McCain yesterday what national security experience Governor Palin has and the Senator answered, “energy.”

More at Think Progress

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3 thoughts on “Thank You Rob Caldwell

  1. “McCAIN: Energy. She knows more about energy than probably anyone else in the United States of America. …. ”

    When those of us who do know more than Sarah “Pipelines for Jesus” Palin about the energy industry stop laughing at this statement, we’re pretty f***in pissed off.

    Actually knowning that this lying clown and his Dominionist sidekick are going to pull off this Christo-fascist coup wiped the smile off my face straight away.

  2. Argh,

    To have to wake up infuriated THIS early.

    I was contemplating yesterday what this country seems like it’s going to have to do to keep the republican party from winning every election for the rest of our lives, now that we seem forever more stuck in neocon-gear. The idea that the majority of the country will allow the total rewriting of candidates’ credentials and political party history in one fell swoop by some moronic comments uttered on the air, is writhing within me. Given the gross ignorance of sheltered Americans these days, do we need to outlaw the ability of politicians to make such false statements, thus inundating our court system even further? I mean seriously, People, the American attention span obviously has ADD if it’s giving the republican ticket any thought for re-election.

    Thank you, Rob Caldwell, for putting McCain in the hot seat. Unfortunately, based on what we’re up against, I don’t know if the average American would really remember this come November.

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