When the Right’s Proved Wrong, They Go Apoplectic

Watch Sean Hannity lie through his teeth about President Clinton leaving us a recession before George W.. Bush rescued us.  Watch him lie about the state of the economy (well, the economy for us, the little people, compared to Hannity who rakes in millions a year).

This is an embarrassment – for Hannity.

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20 thoughts on “When the Right’s Proved Wrong, They Go Apoplectic

  1. OMG! Was Hannity high on something? What planet is he living on??
    Omg… Does he really believe what he was spewing?? And how insulting can you BE to someone invited on your show to interview! Holy crap! This was more like Jerry Springer!

    And this passes for news..

  2. I think Hannity is realizing that his brand (the GOP) is in the toilet and he cannot and will not allow that. He will go down with the ship as it sinks (hopefully forever) into the slime from which it rose.

    Yeah, I know…wishful thinking.

    But it was a priceless watch. Watching his head almost explode was worth the price of admission. 😀

  3. I was also bothered by the continued lie about the “Clinton Recession.”

    The economic high point was March, 2001. Then things went downhill. The Recession wasn’t declared until November, 2001.

    The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), composed of academic economists from Harvard, Stanford and other universities, joined a chorus of economists and investors who were saying that a recession had already begun. The group posted its decision on its Web site.

    It ruled that the long expansion ended in March and the nation’s tenth recession since the end of World War II began at the same time.

    Now, at the high point of the economy, this is what else was happening:

    March 2001: Karl Rove, President Bush’s senior adviser, met privately with Intel officials, of which company he owned over $100,000 worth of shares. At the time, Intel was concerned with government approval of a merger between a Dutch company and an Intel supplier. The merger was later approved.


    May 19: Congress begin implementing President Bush’s energy plan into legislation.

    and then what happened?

    June 5: Rove divested his stocks in energy, defense and pharmaceutical companies. Rove owned holdings worth more than $100,000 in each Enron, Boeing, General Electric and Pfizer.

    But that summer, Enron was busy manipulating energy markets, causing artificial brown-outs in California which severely hurt the California economy, especially damaging the high-tech sector with disruptive brown-outs.

    and then what happened?

    Aug. 14: Kenneth Lay takes over as CEO after Jeffrey Skilling resigns for personal reasons. Jeffrey Skilling had helped transform the company from a natural gas pipeline company to a global marketer and trader of energy.

    but that didn’t stop the melt-down at Enron:

    Oct. 16: Enron reports a $618 million third-quarter loss and discloses a $1.2 billion reduction in shareholder equity, partly related to partnerships run by Chief Financial Officer Andrew Fastow.

    more bad news:

    Oct. 20: A report filed with the Internal Revenue Service reveals that a political group allied with House Majority Whip Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) raised nearly $500,000. The Republican Majority Issues Committee (RMIC) was required to show, for the first time, how it raises and spends its money. One of the committee’s largest donations included Enron’s $50,000.

    and the death knell:

    Dec. 2: Enron, once one of the world’s largest electricity and natural gas traders, files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

    The downturn in the economy happened under Bush’s watch along about the same time Enron collapsed.

    Now we have the collapse of the housing industry, following years of deregulating the mortgage industry. Who pays? The working class. The wealthy are protected by taxpayer-funded bailouts.


    but I digress….

  4. It depends on your definition of “dire” when discussing our economy. It does not meet my opinion of “dire.” I will however say we have challenges, that I think are being met with appropriate responses by our government.

    Keeping in mind that our government is not perfect, and both parties have ruled over successes and failures… And both parties will say whatever it takes to get people to vote for them…this we all know to be true…I hope.

    So, while I think Hannity got way out of line and acted very immature for a what is supposed to be a show for “grown ups” I also agree that our economy is teetering on the brink of disaster… I’ve been scraping positive economic news for a year now, and there’s plenty of good news.

    Our economy in fact is not in a recession, as hard as the media has tried, it continues to grow. Inflation is in check. Unemployment is a concern, but it has been higher in the past decade. So while we have challenges, and will continue to have them despite the party in control, this country, the power of the American people transcends the office of President.

    I don’t like Hannity and Combs. I don’t like any media that is obvious about its agenda… I use Reuter’s for most of my references… I will also ad that I will be voting Democratic, so my site and what I’ve said here is not the cries of the RNC… I really believe in Republican economic principles, but I feel they’ve have gotten out of hand with Bush…and need some re-direction. My hope is that Obama will work with Congress to find a common ground economically. I don’t feel that McCain nor Palin would do the same. I really wish I felt they would, but I do not…


  5. And what about stagflation?

    I don’t believe that the economy is growing. What sectors? For how many? How many people are OFF the unemployment rolls because they were on so long they no longer count? And how many cannot afford to have retraining to get them into another job? And then, what jobs are there for lower skilled people?

    The only thing I agree with is what was once, but is no longer, a GOP principle of sound fiscal governance.

    We just gave Georgia $1 billion in aid yet our streets and bridges are crumbling due to lack of funding. If we had that infrastructure funding here we might actually have jobs – good jobs which allow people with lower skillsets to still have a good life and not have to worry about the serious rise in gas, food, and heating while their wages continue to decline (in comparable dollars, we are worse off now than in 30 years due to that stagflation thing).

    I am not sure how you can justify saying we’re not in a recession. Maybe we just need a new word for it: fucked.

  6. Economic cycles occur periodically no matter who is in office.
    Oh, I see you are like most who post on these political sites, you are fond of using four letter words. I guess you think it makes you sound commanding, when in fact it makes sound like you are at a loss for words.

  7. I can understand if you were bothered by Hannity’s aggression, but as for facts, Hannity was right.

    Regarding “recession,” we DID have a recession during the Clinton years, but it was around 1996. By March-April of 2000, the stock market DID tank ( I was trading at the time), the “dot.com bubble” did bust, although I don’t remember it being a “recession.”

    Perhaps with the steam coming from Hannity’s ears, he may have misspoken. I don’t know.

    As for the state of the economy “for the little people,” (is the class envy really necessary?) I’d be interested to know if you understand how it got to be this way.

    ~ Sisyphus

  8. “I am not sure how you can justify saying we’re not in a recession. Maybe we just need a new word for it: fucked.”

    Your pointless vulgarity aside, can you tell your readers what the definition of a “recession” is?

  9. It’s never a recession when your neighbor loses his job. It’s only a recession when you lose your job, right?

    Funny you think the people in the bottom 95% who have lost spending power are the people you think are promulgating “class envy” when class warfare against the middle class has been waged since Ronald Regan took office with a small respite during the Clinton years. If Clinton wasn’t so Republican Hillary would be the nominee.

  10. “Words are words. I have no problem using any words which present my point of view.”

    Anyone who uses the choice of words you do generally has a very weak argument.

  11. “And anybody who keeps bringing up the choice of words usually has no argument at all.”

    And anybody who chooses to use four letter obscenities in their comments is obviously unable to make their point and reverts to profanity.

  12. suppose you can just go away? If you don’t like what’s written here or how it is written, there is nothing requiring you to return.

    Don’t like what I am writing or saying? Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way out.

    Buh bye now.

  13. To Zooey:

    I previously entered my rebuttal. MsJoanne seems to only like to reply to comments that agree with her. She wants anyone who doesn’t to shut up.

  14. No, I didn’t tell anyone to shut up, I told you that you could go away any time.

    I more than made my point yet out of my entire comment, you focus on one word and nothing concerning the content.

    You’re trolling and trying to change the subject of this post by derailing its direction away from the idiot, lying right wing nutjobs to your poor sensibilities in not being able to handle words you don’t like.

    Honestly, get a fainting couch and grow up.

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