Bill Maher: Palin, Politics & Truth

Bill Maher Show with Janeane Garofalo and Salmon Rushdie. They Eviscerate John Fund a Wall Street Journal Columnist and his defense of Palin. Fund comes up with Palin Derangement Syndrome?

Bill Maher on Sarah Palin and her deer in the headlights look when asked about the Bush Doctrine.


A Russian Perspective


Palin – the Devil in disguise

The candidate for the Vice Presidency of the United States of America, whose experience in small town politics, mothers´day dos and the local hockey club is her claim to fame, threatened to open the gates of Hell by attacking Russia in the event of another invasion of Georgia in a televised interview on ABC (shown today). One question for this self-opinionated upstart: Do you know what a nuclear holocaust is?

… suppose you shut up and allowed real politicians and diplomats to do their work? Threatening Russia with a war is perhaps the most irresponsible thing anyone could do at this moment in time. Have you any idea what a nuclear holocaust is? Have you any notion of the power of Russia’s armed forces? Did you know that Russia has enough missiles to destroy any target anywhere on Earth in seconds?

And have you not forgotten, you pith-headed little bimbo from the back of beyond, that small detail about the slaughter of Russian citizens by Georgians, which started the whole debacle?

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Hillary Backing Obama With Gusto

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Ever since Barack Obama beat her to become the Democratic nominee, Clinton said she will do what it takes to help him win in November. I don’t think for a second Hillary is going to allow Sarah Palin to become the first female Vice-President.

Vanquished primary candidates usually go home to rest and ponder the high points and lows of their failed effort. Clinton, in contrast, raised more than $4 million for the Obama campaign and repeatedly urged her supporters to campaign for Obama and contribute to his cause. She hosted a reception in Denver for 250 of her donors and is scheduled to be in Chicago tonight for another fund-raising event. She has another fund-raising event scheduled for Sept. 22 in New York City, with the goal of raising $500,000.

In fact, Hillary’s advisors told the New York Times she would do everything she can to contribute.

Mrs. Clinton’s friends said she was galled that Ms. Palin might try to capitalize on a movement that Mrs. Clinton built among women in the primaries. Guy Cecil, the former political director of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign, said it was “insulting” for Republicans to compare Ms. Palin to Mrs. Clinton.

He was very outspoken about Sarah Palin’s inexperience for Vice-President.

Mr. Cecil said he believed that the McCain-Palin ticket might initially intrigue some Clinton supporters, but that they would ultimately choose Mr. Obama. “It is insulting to compare Hillary’s lifetime of service and her commitment to progressive causes with that of a novice, right-wing governor,” Mr. Cecil said.

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