So I Told the Senator, Thanks, But No Thanks, on That Vice Presidential Pick from Nowhere

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Below is an actual message I sent to Senator John McCain, via his contact form. Aren’t the Internets fun?

Dear Senator McCain,

Thanks, but no thanks, on that Vice Presidential Pick from Nowhere. I keep asking myself if you could have picked a worse running mate if you had chosen from among the Republicans you beat to win the nomination. And while I would not have wanted any of them to become president any more than I want you to, there were one or two among them over whom I might have cried less had you chosen them. I won’t say which ones; I’ll just say there really were some. Hell, I might have been less upset if you picked your “liberal friend” Joe Lieberman, even though his track record on campaigns to be vice president is oh-for-one. But Gov Sarah Palin? (Also known as ”Lady McPalin”?) You have got to be kidding me.

Senator, with all due respect, let’s not beat around the bush. You are not young, and you are not in good health. More than any other candidate in our nation’s history (well, since 1804, anyway, when the people finally got to pick electors to pick their vice president), you have a serious obligation to choose a running mate who is unquestionably qualified to step in and assume the duties of the office you seek. And it’s not just because you might die (a fact actuarial experts insist is not just a possibility, it’s a probability), but you might also have to turn over your duties under the 25th Amendment should you need to undergo cancer surgery again. Yes. Again.

What if the nation comes under one of those attacks you keep telling us we have to fear, and you’re already under anesthesia, unable to assume command? Are you really trying to tell the American people that Sarah Palin, a woman who does not know what the Bush Doctrine is; a woman whose major claim to foreign policy experience is that one can see Russia from her state (though she herself has never done that); a woman who understands nothing about Israel except that we should never second guess them (including, I must conclude, when Israel does not act in the best interests of the United States); that this Sarah Palin is the best person you could have picked to step in for you when the time comes? And that time will come, Senator, if you somehow win the presidency.

The extremely poor judgment you have shown in picking a running mate hand-selected-and-vetted by the very kind of religious extremists (the “agents of intolerance”) you once decried but later embraced suggests to me, sir, that you are unfit to be the next President of the United States. It’s time to retire and collect your pension checks. Which leads me to ask you something of a personal nature. The American taxpayers have been your sole employers throughout your life, and you have praised and touted service to our country as a way to pay your country back for the life we are able to lead here. How much money have you personally collected in your life that was drawn from the US Treasury? Your wife is loaded with cash, so why not pay the taxpayers back? That would tell me how much you really love your country.

Wayne A. Schneider


5 thoughts on “So I Told the Senator, Thanks, But No Thanks, on That Vice Presidential Pick from Nowhere

  1. Good letter, I especially enjoyed reading this…
    Your wife is loaded with cash, so why not pay the taxpayers back? That would tell me how much you really love your country.

    Now that is kick-ass 🙂

  2. Somebody on the radio made a good point yesterday. McCain told people that he didn’t want the government coming between them and their doctors. The guy said if that was good enough for all the senators and government workers and people on Medicare and Medicaid that it was good enough for him.

  3. Maybe McCain’s people will print it out for him so he can read it since he won’t use a computer. Stupid old coot.

  4. The new intimidating phrase the reich wing is using is “keep it up” acting like dissing McCain or Pailin will lose Democrats the election. These are people who would have won nothing in 30 years if it was for smears. And the hacks are saying how dare Obama say anything about McCain not being able to use a computer because his injuries don’t allow him to type. While he’s already told people that wasn’t true. However, say it is true, that he’s unable to function well enough to type, or read a computer screen. Isn’t that a little more disabled than we need the most powerful person in the country to be?

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